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Illuminati children’s cartoon

Kids cartoon with Illuminati symbology, Masonic hats, owls, all seeing eyes, bohemian grove, Satanic rituals, Kennedy assassination, UFOs, moon landing, Skull and Bones, and more. Youtube Link

ALIEN 5: hey man

The Xenomorph is the most perfect creature in the universe. Hey man, do you know where the bathroom is?

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Cómo sería una invasión alienígena II – Aliens invaders

¿Cómo sería vivir una invasión alienígena? Muchos científicos o público en general afirman que tarde o temprano haremos contacto con alguna civilización extraterrestre.

Here’s everything to know about the aliens home planets!
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Frederik Schrader und Tjorben Eckermann berichten informativ und investigativ, diesmal zum Thema “Bielefeld”.

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Candy being unabashedly self-aware.

reptilian snake moving towards me hd quality cartoon animation with music

reptilian snake moving towards me hd quality cartoon animation with music source

Alien – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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Look mom! An Alien!

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Conan cartoon – reptilian shapeshifters

Reptilian shapeshifting in an old Conan cartoon. hmmm… If anyone can make a transcript of the dialouge I´d appreciate it. I can only make out the part with the girl being told to keep quiet and to go to her room. source