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UK academics accused of ‘spreading Russian conspiracy theories’

Senior British academics are spreading disinformation that benefit Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and conspiracy theories promoted by Russia, The Times has reported.The academics belong to a self-styled Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (SPM) and work at universities including Edinburgh, Sheffield and Leicester.Four professors are members of the group, and are accused by The Times of spreading the slur – repeated by the Russian ambassador to Britain on Friday –  that the White Helmets civilian volunteer force has fabricated video evidence of attacks by President Assad, who is backed by the Kremlin.Among SPM’s advisers are an American who believes the official explanation of the 9/11 attack are as a conspiracy theory and an Australian who suggested that the CIA was behind last weekend’s chemical attack in Syria.The White Helmets have been criticised by Russia for documenting the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun in April last year, which killed 83 people, a third of them children.Last September the UN unit concluded that there were ‘reasonable grounds to believe that Syrian forces dropped a bomb dispersing sarin’ on Khan Sheikhoun.On Friday SPM member Tim Hayward, a professor of environmental political theory at the University of Edinburgh, retweeted a claim about an attack on eastern Ghouta that the ‘White Helmets and terrorist factions staged false flag events and ‘kidnapped, drugged’ children to use as props’.’Witness statements from civilians and officials in Ghouta raise very disturbing questions,’ he added.Professor Hayward was also reported by The Times to have published a blog article by his colleague Paul McKeigue, a professor of genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics, which claimed that there was almost ‘zero likelihood’ that Assad carried out chemical attacks.He used ‘probability calculus’ to assess the evidence.Professor Hayward has used the hashtag #Syriahoax when discussing chemical attacks in the country.The Times said that the hashtag went viral after being used by alt-right figures in the US, including Mike Cernovich, a main proponent of the ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theory, which alleged that Hillary Clinton supporters were involved with a child-abuse ring.The hashtag was said to have been promoted by a Russian cyberoperation.Professor Hayward also linked to a video that appeared to show chemical attack victims that, it was suggested, was staged.A rescuer removed a headscarf from an apparent victim.Professor Hayward wrote: ‘White Helmets’ mission: ‘To save one headscarf is to save all’ #SyriaHoax’.After being contacted by The Times, he deleted the tweet.SPM board members or apologists for the Syrian government named by The Times include: The first briefing note published by SPM, titled ‘Doubts about ‘Novichoks’ ’, questioned whether Russia’s secret nerve agent programme ever existed.Britain has blamed Moscow for the poisoning of the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury last source

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From now on, if you hear the term “WHITE HATS” or “BLACK HATS” you’ll know who they mean.

“WHITE HATS” = the good guys in the government (typically intelligence or clandestine services) They are pushing for full disclosure and protecting current whistle blowers as best they can.

“BLACK HATS” = the bad guys in the government, the New World Order lackeys. They do NOT want any disclosure of any kind. If they HAVE TO, they will engineer a partial disclosure scenario and spread it out over decades. They want to keep us in the dark for as long as possible. They prey on us financially, physically, some NWO groups are pushing for a depopulation plan – brought about by engineering a massive world war, militarized viruses, weather warfare, etc. 

WHITE HATS and BLACK HATS are often working within the same institutions yet they are engaged in battle with one another. This is all really going on.

Actually, 3 or 4 depopulation plans have already been thwarted – but we got very close.

Please wake up my brothers and sisters of all races!

I’m not a crazy conspiracy nutcase.

Just like all you non-believers out there – I used to think this was all crazy internet bullshit once too. Then I stopped trusting. I started researching. I have considered every angle. Russian/foreign psyops – the works. I am a huge military history buff, everything from the civil war to the cold war. I have read mountains of books on these subjects. Eventually, I became very interested in the history of espionage and “the black arts” and so I read many books about the CIA and the KGB.

They have engaged in all kinds of operations against each other, against their own populations, etc – some things you would never even dream of, and are rarely talked about even though they are public knowledge. Like spraying elementary schools with airborne metals without their consent, infiltrating peaceful U.S. political groups and pushing them towards violence so they could prosecute and destroy them (cointelpro), devising a “heart attack gun”, or planting “innocuous” bacteria in the subway system. Surgically implanting listening devices in live animals – project “acoustic kitty”, training and weaponizing dolphins to patrol ports and harbors from enemy divers.


After a while, you begin to know what kinds of rumors ring true, you begin to understand the kinds of operations organizations like the CIA, etc are likely to “green light” and engage in. Trust me when I tell you, I am not a gullible person. In fact, I am a rabid student of military history and espionage history. I know what has been done. I know what operations have been carried out. I have grown to understand how intelligence organizations think and operate. Please, do your own research. Don’t just take my word for it. Become one of us who have woken up and begun to fight!

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