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Brooke Skylar Richardson who smashed babies skull found not guilty of murder.

She was acquitted of murder, manslaughter and child endangerment.

Higherside Chats 27: MK Ultra, The Batman Shooting, & The Reptilian Agenda w/ Francine Kelly

Self described MK Ultra mind control victim, CIA asset, and reptilian agenda whistle blower, Francine Kelly joins The Higherside Chats to expose vital information and encourage people get wake up and get ready, things are getting serious out there!

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Border patrol separates mother from her child after she’s caught smuggling $158k of meth: undefined

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Hybrid Human Alien Children – Part 1 – Bridget Nielsen

Bridget Nielsen explains the Alien Hybridization program that is responsible for her bearing 10 Alien Hybrid babies through dream-state on an Alien craft.

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Recently, reports of a Thai doll craze have been featured at the end of news hours, a spot typically reserved for pop culture tidbits like hijab wearing Barbies (“hijarbies”) or the birthday of the oldest man/woman alive. Yet as kooky as it is to think about people buying additional plane seats for their dolls, this fad is only the latest iteration of a centuries old tradition, one that has a gruesome past.

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