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What happens when you don’t stay in the prescribed swim lane.

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Facebook said it wasn’t listening to your conversations. It was.: undefined

The CIA, Russia, NASA and the U.S. Army – what do they know?

We hve allegedly “known” for 2,000 years that the Earth is a sphere, right? Well, the Russians, CIA, NASA and the U.S. Army apparently did not get the memo. Hmmmm… Of course, some will say, the reason they calculate on a non-rotating, flat Earth is to “simplify the math.” First of all, we’re dealing with actual rocket scientists in some of these cases. It is not like they need to simplify math. But more importantly, if the Earth really is a rotating sphere, why do any calculations at all based on fiction? Those calculations and the resulting tests would have no relation to reality and thus would render completely meaningless conclusions. So, why waste any ink on it?

Where does it end? New ‘Monarch’ brain device approved for ADHD.

Featuring Dr. Peter Breggin [The Minds of Men], for more on SPAC, visit

“I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole”.

Finally admitted! “New” tech can beam voices directly into your head.

One giant hoax for mankind(?)

The man the CIA wants you to forget: undefined

Tom Fitton released evidence that destroys Ford’s testimony at hearing.