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Will artificial intelligence become conscious?  A quantum physicist’s view:

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Just a movie or was there more to it?:

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Humanity – Collective Consciousness: A link to an article with Quotes Perspectives and Explanations:

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{Featuring: St. Germain – Michael Tellinger – P’taah/Jani King – Barbara Marciniak – Tom Kenyon/The Hathors – Laura Eisenhower – David Icke } 

Introduction: Some Higher Dimensional Beings can view humanity as one being. We can imagine ourselves as a cell, a unique individual cell in this huge being, this huge conglomeration of energy – and how our thoughts ripple through other cells, our human brothers and sisters. We are all energetically connected and are manifesting what happens on Earth together. I like to send thoughts of love out and imagine it rippling through the cells of this one being that we are a part of. I like to remember that when I become more informed and understand more of what is really occurring behind the scenes on this planet, and see through all the lies and deceptions, others can then more easily access this information – as all I understand is transmitted energetically to the collective. I understand that as I comprehend more metaphysical concepts of how consciousness and creation works, that this also enables others to more easily understand these concepts. I understand the power of the thoughts we put out into this planet and into our collective-consciousness. I understand the importance of imagination, and imagining the unifying, empowering, peaceful, and abundant future we want for all of humanity. I also do not forget the importance of action as well – thought, word and deed…

Service to Others – Love, Fear, Motivations, Consciousness, Spirituality… 

[Service to Others Article Featuring: The Ra Material / The Law of One – The Hathors / Tom Kenyon – P’taah / Jani King]

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Introduction: You hear a lot about being ‘Service to Others’ or ‘Service to Self’ – this is all about love and fear – separation and non-separation. Being ‘Service to Others’ is about the motivation behind your actions – in each moment are you acting out of Fear or Love? What is the motivation behind each of your actions in life? It is very much related to having an open Heart Chakra – to do this we release fearful / painful energies and let go of fearful belief systems – we allow ourselves to really feel and let these energies move through us – we learn to love and forgive ourselves – and then exist in a place of love. Then your intentions in life are naturally motivated by the upliftment of all life, including your own. It can be difficult when you haven’t gone within yourself and healed to be ‘Service to Others’, as you can only truly love others when you truly love yourself. A pure act of unconditional love energetically ripples through the collective-consciousness of humanity and can be so inspiring to others. It will help us, as a collective-consciousness, transform this planet…