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The Dove & the Serpent (higher & lower self, r…

The Dove & the Serpent (higher & lower self, right & left brain) Exploring Reptilian Consciousness

Yes, I get very upset at the end of this video with how people use the word “oneness.” It’s due to seeing and hearing it very shallowly and glibly used over the years, basically making it feel like poison to my system. It’s used as a platitudinal crutch far too often.

You can also see the dragon swallowing the man the other way around, as actually giving birth to him. It’s symbolic of escaping…

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“Checkpoint Amenti” and the control systems that can influence time, consciousness and space itself

“Checkpoint Amenti” and the control systems that can influence time, consciousness and space itself:

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Corey Goode: Surviving the Transition – Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension

Corey Goode: Surviving the Transition – Full Disclosure, Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension:

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Spirit Cooking Marina Abramović Creates Virtual Reality Game to Alter Consciousness

Spirit Cooking Marina Abramović Creates Virtual Reality Game to Alter Consciousness:

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New UFO Disclosure ‘Aliens are Reacting Telepathically to our Consciousness’- Grant Cameron

New UFO Disclosure ‘Aliens are Reacting Telepathically to our Consciousness’- Grant Cameron:

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Jason Quitt – Out of Body Forbidden Knowledge Discoveries: This World is Not What We Think It Is…

Jason Quitt – Out of Body Forbidden Knowledge Discoveries: This World is Not What We Think It Is…:

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Cloning and Immortality – A Path Chosen Between Two Worlds

Cloning and Immortality – A Path Chosen Between Two Worlds:

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Time Entanglement and the Supernatural

Time Entanglement and the Supernatural:

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Mandala Consciousness, Residual Entanglement, Biological Consciousness through Perception

Mandala Consciousness, Residual Entanglement, Biological Consciousness through Perception:

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Spirituality, Celebrities, Truth Sharing, Awak…

This is (was) supposed to be a short post… but I am not very good at short posts…I was just going to write an update, to connect with those that follow this blog… but I can feel some heartfelt expression coming on… well, on whatever comes to mind …

(The title tells you what it ended up being about… this got a little long, lots in here though… I jump around a little bit… I put a few headings in to break it up a bit and give some cohesion…)

Anyway, I have not shared much on here on about spirituality recently… (it is important to note that the vast majority of spiritual literature is deceptive and aims to pacify you). I do intend to share some posts about how to evolve as a soul…. but it’s not my main focus now, possibly because i have done a tremendous amount of work on myself, over many years and feel evolved. I can say this objectively – I can stand back and see clearly I am very different to those around me… I am sure some others who read this know what I mean: I am not run by the programs others are run by… I don’t need validation from others – I don’t do anything to try and impress others… and I don’t need material things to make me feel good… and I am strong minded enough to face the deep dark issues on this planet… and I don’t need this constant escapism or self-gratification most people search for. I quite literally just have the goal of working for the greater benefit of the people on this planet. I spend nearly all my free time researching, writing articles and sharing information with people in various places. To sacrifice yourself and work for the greater good is one of the greatest things I can think of.

Spiritually – Waking Up – Celebrities etc

You see, I know the depths of the global conspiracy / new world order agenda, and I know what’s in store for people if they don’t do wake up and do something. I also have a beautiful niece and young nephews who have a lot longer to live on this planet, and they are an additional source of motivation for me. Right now, what is the best thing I can do? – It is to impart the knowledge I have about the root causes of our problems, try to wake people up with information, and help people let go of their programming and brainwashing. The problems the ‘elite’ supremacist orthodox jews and zionists cause and their tactics and agendas – there are various ways I can expose their goals and tactics. I can help people wake up very quickly, helping them bypass a great many gatekeepers and controlled disinfo agents.

And I am not the slightest bit impressed by people on TV like most people are, not one bit: celebrities and sport stars etc, they are just a part of the satanic slave system… (I used to play a lot of sport, but I have almost zero interest in watching it anymore, its a distraction and extremely corrupt)… most of these celebs and sports stars don’t realize it, but they are essentially like performing monkeys, performing for the orchestrators of this tyranny we find ourselves in, helping to distract, or to corrupt the minds of the masses… particularly the celebrities – selling out, selling their souls to you know who. And all these ‘Reality TV’ shows – they are getting the goyim to jump through hoops and humiliate themselves…they are ridiculing the goyim. And don’t get me started on royal families – totally obscene and insane to have royal families… I feel like a stranger in a very strange land…

I’m impressed by these great thinkers and truth tellers –  who can see into the truth of things, who can think critically and see through the lies… and those that then, when the find hard Truths, share it with great courage and self sacrifice . Or by these leaders throughout History who risked their lives to try and look after their people… who ended up losing their lives because they did so. And I am also impressed by kindness, acts of pure kindness… selfless acts spread, they are infectious. Though human kindness can often be used against us, to further enslave us, if we are not careful… so you need to be wise and informed as well, and be accommodating and kind to the right people.

And also, when you are sharing Truth ranting aggressively and throwing insults around it doesn’t really help, it usually turns people off… but when you are balanced, and in control of yourself, when sharing Truth you are more likely to have an impact on someone. Especially when you can calmly demonstrate the depth of your knowledge.

One of the consequences of letting go of all these psychological and emotional programs we are bombarded with from birth – self hate etc etc – is this tremendous feeling of love that I cannot truly explain to you – it feels very powerful – it comes through in waves when I observe certain things or think on certain things… I love very deeply – but this love I feel really motivates me to help others wake up.

But caution here: One of the New Age disinfo programs is that you can sit on your backside and save the planet just with loving thoughts – which is absolute nonsense!  

You have to use your Free Will. Your Will for change has to be so strong – your Will for change must be stronger than those whose Will is to enslave us. And we must demonstrate this with determination and action and total dedication to free yourself and those you love.

Most still don’t even know they are enslaved though! If you don’t know this, then follow this blog, I have some posts coming up that will show you that you are enslaved. And if I had to go to war to fight this tyranny, to fight those that enslave us, then I would not hesitate – to die fighting for goodness and truth is one of the best ways you can go.

Sometimes I contemplate why it is that some people can see through all the lies and others cant. I mean there are so-called ‘intelligent’ people who are actually totally naive brainwashed repeaters. But there are, of course, different types of intelligence… And memorising is not really ‘intelligence’, it’s just having a good memory. It is critical thinking and lateral thinking – and being able to correlate and see connections that is much more important.  Emotional intelligence and intuition can also be important… I get these horrible feelings about certain alternative media personalities, and then when i carefully analyse their information they turn out to be zionist disinfo agents… this is intuition is a soul level thing, i believe. But notice, the crucial thing is analysis, correlation and comparison of information. Intuition can just give some people a bit of a helping hand from time to time.

There are also people who meditate a lot who are still totally brainwashed. A strong Will – a powerful Will to never stop until you uncover the Truth, and an understanding of how the enemy works is also vitally important. Anyway, I do believe there is something within people at soul level that helps them see through the lies. Some people can feel it in every cell of their body that humanity is covertly under attack… and we are under attack. They can feel, even when young, that there is something not right about this place.

As mentioned previously, the vast majority of spiritual material is just there to pacify you. Some advice for you right now:  Eat very healthy (loads of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, herbs etc), drink pure water (reverse osmosis or distilled), do lots of detoxing, and take some time to do a bit of meditation each day to check in with yourself and your emotions etc (i.e if you are playing out some of your programming) – and spend some of your time by yourself in nature away from all the Wifi / EMF interference. And then research and then research some more! I do think spirituality and evolving as a soul is still an important part of saving this planet, as it increases people’s motivation and courage, and enables them to see more deeply into the Truth of what is occurring here on the planet. But research, knowledge and Action is crucial!

I would write some more, as I did on here quite some time ago, about my other dimensional other-worldly experiences and the third-eye stuff I experienced… I had a period in my life where I was seeing lots of paradigm shifting things… but you see all this acts as a distraction for people – it’s not that important with regards to transforming this planet and stopping the New (jewish) World Order agenda. It all distracted me for a while, to be honest. But I may write about it again at some point, if I feel it will be beneficial to an article.

Mainstream spiritual people are agents, pretty much all of them are controlled and putting out distracting and misleading information. For example someone like Eckhart Tolle – this guy is not ‘enlightened’.  He even appears on Oprah Winfrey… Oprah Winfrey!!! Oprah Winfrey is not your side, she is a zionist puppet. What does Eckhart Tolle say: ‘the power of now’ –  these ‘elites’ want you to just live ‘in the now’ – they are essentially suggesting: ‘don’t look ahead, dont think critically and look into the future, don’t ascertain and see what is going to happen to us in the future if things carry on as they are’ – i.e what is in store for humanity – yeah, right – just ‘live in the now’… give me a break. This man is not enlightened… enlightenment is knowledge and it is not what he is talking about… – he is a controlled agent… Never underestimate how deep this all goes. They deceive and manipulate people on so many levels – I could talk about many of this so called ‘spiritual’ teachers and lay bare their deceptive ‘teachings’.

New Posts –  Hitler & WW2 Truth – Truth telling – Non Human Souls

Hitler and WW2 Truth

I am preparing some new posts, I particularly have some good ones in the pipeline on Hitler and WW2 Truth… Hitler & WW2 Truth is such an important aspect of the global conspiracy to understand, a huge part of the jigsaw puzzle. Things really begin to fit into place when you know WW2 Truth and have broken free of your programming and brainwashing on this subject.  The more I read, and the deeper my understanding of this subject, the more my sense of injustice deepens… most things that we have been taught at school, college or university – in our so called ‘history’ lessons are lies and many things are inverted twisted and upside down – or just completely left out.

If you do not know your True history then you keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

I have been reading the book The Myth German Villainy by Benton L Bradberry. It is an easy read  – it flows nicely and sets things out really well. There are of course many good revisionist books… I personally recommend The Myth of German Villainy – everyone should read it… it is easy to get hold of and it is not expensive….  you see, you also need to understand WW1 to understand WW2 and this book will help you do that…

The Germans were actually the victims in WW1 and WW2… war was brought against them – as hard as that is for the brainwashed masses to believe…. The masses are still mesmerized by jewish owned Hollywood’s propaganda movies – absorbing the jewish propaganda movies they churn out as if they are fact and truth. I will show you that it was really Germany that was the victim in future posts.

It breaks my heart, and I don’t say that phrase lightly… it is so heartbreaking when you find out the Truth of WW2 and what the Germans went through – Such as the Dresden Firebombings and the Rhine Meadows Death Camps – and the Soviet war crimes against them… If you haven’t seen the documentary Hellstorm then you have to watch it… (the full documentary is on Bitchute) I spent much of that documentary with tears streaming down my face… what the Germans went through at the end of the wars was truly horrific – they don’t teach us this in our schools, as again, our education is jewish run.

I am sure some of the people reading this can empathise with his… it can be hard being a Truth teller, someone who is very woke – and you can see that everyone is enslaved and deceived, and they don’t know it… you want to wake them up, red pill them… but so many don’t want it, they don’t want to listen to what is instore for them….you do your best to help the world… and you get no thanks…often you get: ‘just leave me be, i have to go shopping, i have to watch this movie, play this video game’… while the world is going to shit!

Off World Force

These supremacist ‘elite’ orthodox jews and Zionists are hell bent on totally enslaving humanity and establishing their New (jewish) World Order… and to run it from Israel and Jerusalem. There is a non-human force behind them – there must be, whether it’s reptilian humanoids or not is not that important…  all the speculation around that just serves as a huge distraction…. but there does very much seem to be a non-human force behind them – but right now who cares exactly who it is. We can only deal with what we can see here. And judaism, zionism and the ‘elite’ orthodox jews are the problem on this planet – their satanic doctrines of hate: the Talmud, the Zohar, the Protocols of the Learned Elders Zion ( you must understand what the terrible things these doctrines say)

One reason as to why there is clearly an off-world force behind these elite supremacist jews – is because they clearly  know the technology that is needed to be introduced to create an advanced slave planet – and in what order this technology is needed so that the general population do not realise what is occurring –  they are clearly adhering to some sort of basic plan or blueprint that’s been laid it – it is clear to me. This is clearly not the first planet they would have done this to.

The force behind these ‘elite’ supremacist zionist jews is well versed in how to manipulate plantery populations and how to incrementally and gradually enslave them. 

It is certainly not a coincidence that Israel has the most advanced high-technology and the most advanced high-tech weaponry in the world (all funded by the United States taxpayers… research how much money the U.S gives Israel in so-called ‘aid’). And these ‘elite’ supremacist jewish souls that create these scriptures / doctrines and adhere to the hate within them (the scriptures I mentioned above) will most likely not be human souls – it looks like  non-humans souls are incarnating into these ‘elite’ orthodox jewish bloodlines, as they are anti-nature and anti-human.

But again, Ufology is totally a jewish zionist controlled distraction, full of disinfo, shills and sayanim agents… so I certainly do not encourage people to get distracted by it.

Anyway, I hope some of this inspires people to become more proactive… to seek Truth more passionately, to share Truth more courageously. And there are many ways you can do this. I don’t just share Truth on here…

I don’t post on here everyday, maybe a few posts a week, sometimes more, but what I do post is well researched, important for people to understand… and I will be able to fully back it up in the comments section. I have some good stuff coming… red pilling information and some that should deepen your knowledge.

And if you are worried about losing followers by sharing hard Truths etc… why not set up a second blog – a Truth seeker blog – so you can share the red pilling Truths?

As I said earlier – I don’t seem to be able to write short posts…