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Benarkah Agnez Monica Illuminati?

[Need Viewer Discretion]
(7:13 – 7:28 Notice her hand)


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Higherside Chats 27: MK Ultra, The Batman Shooting, & The Reptilian Agenda w/ Francine Kelly

Self described MK Ultra mind control victim, CIA asset, and reptilian agenda whistle blower, Francine Kelly joins The Higherside Chats to expose vital information and encourage people get wake up and get ready, things are getting serious out there!

Closing track by Ralph Buckley:

Francine’s Forum:

THC Links:

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Propoganda, Syria strike & the lies we’re led to believe

The telivision was created as a means of control. A way to easily implant thoughts and control large populations of people. Government’s around the world have been using propoganda since the advent of the Telivision and they continue to do so today.
Did you know that propoganda is actually legal in the U.S.?
Look up the Smith Mundt Act for more information on this.

This video is 1 one of a 3…

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Reptilian fashion.


Reptilians shapeshifters aliens ET UFO conspiracy TV mind control shapeshifting reptilian shape shifter illuminati shapeshifter best evidence proof alien earthquake annunaki draco draconian dragon orion reptoid lucifer 666 planet david icke rockfeller nwo windsor devil cia matrix bilderberg comm 300 CFR MI6 trilateral mk ultra groom lake skull and…

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Shakira le da la bienvenida a Maluma al mundo Illuminati en su vídeo Chantaje

El vídeo chantaje parece mostrarnos como Shakira conduce a Maluma por el oscuro camino del pacto Illuminati para alcanzar el éxito…

Duran Duran expone a los Reptilianos en su vídeo Union of the Snake

Pitbull le da la bienvenida a Belinda al mundo Mk Ultra en su vídeo Egoista


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Coca-Cola and Nestlé to privatize the largest reserve of water in South America: undefined

¿Como llego a la fama internacional Shakira?

La Cura Siniestra: Mensajes Revelados!!!

The Weeknd firmo el pacto Illuminati

Mensajes Revelados


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freedom reptilian mind control illuminati nwo ascension cnn demon eyes shapeshifter hologram interview morph proof 911 inside job false flag evil gulf oil spill david icke matrix alex jones bilderberg trilateral fed bernanke greenspan economic collapse zionist conspiracy war obama deception police cops israel iran mossad cia skull bones bush rockefeller rothschild signs symbols tv subliminal…

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Illuminati Bloodlines & the Demonic Supernatural Reptilian Alien Beings

Please compare with “The Testament of Dr. Mabuse” – Fritz Lang (1933) Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse – Fritz Lang (1933) in my “Illuminati International Bankers and 666 Talents of Gold” playlist.

Monsanto and Bayer maneuvers to take over the cannabis industry