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Experts say there is a crisis in cosmology?

According to astronomers, there is a crisis in cosmology? The title of this mainstream new article I’m discussing had me curious as to what astronomers were possibly claiming and a closed universe is definitely something that I didn’t expect to see. My guess is a new cover story is in the works as to why we see things that match up with the Biblical earth model, but we’ll need an Albert Einstein figure to make it stick with the mainstream. Nothing too spectacular with the article, just wanted to share it with those who are keeping up with the ever changing scientific views of the “universe”. Such as the moon being within earth’s atmosphere, we’re now spiraling at 490km/h, universe is expanding etc.

The flat Earth and the Sabbath(?)

Secrets of the “Reptilian” Eye Revealed: Earth Is The Heart Chakra Think Green NOT Green Screens!

WWW.BROSANCHEZ.COM This video will reveal the real spiritual meaning behind thinking green and why our reality is currently given to us through green screen illusions!

NOAA Causes Floods & NASA Controls Space/Land! Geoengineering & Weaponized Weather Att@cks Are REAL!

This video is part 3 of a series of videos where I will be lifting the lid on the long history of secret government attacks on targeted areas with the use of cloud creation devices disguised as space launch systems.

Biological Teleporter Could Transmit Life to Other Planets:

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Higherside Chats — The Flat Earth, Early Explorers, & The Mysterious Polar Regions with Jeran Campanella:

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