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New Orleans stops secret pre-crime police program after media exposure: undefined

Disney executive arrested, charged with three counts of child sex abuse: undefined

Mom arrested, charged with felony for putting recorder in 9yo’s backpack to catch her bully: undefined

Former Joe Biden secret service agent: we had to protect women from him, ‘Weinstein level stuff’

Elite running out of ways to scare us are and now resorting to this?

Gordon Bowden on bombs, ‘boiler rooms’ and pedophiles.

Retired ex-RAF officer and mining engineer Gordon Bowden is already well-known on the internet for exposing the scams going on in high-level public and commercial life. Here he begins to bring organised paedophilia into the frame..

There are two Londons and why it matters.

Entire volume of CIA files on Lee Harvey Oswald, set to be released in October, has ‘gone missing’

Planned Parenthood teams up with the Church of Satan.

Ex-BBC reporter who quit after Jimmy Savile investigation was shelved has died