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They actually admitted there is no money in curing people.

They actually admitted there is no money in curing people.

GcMAF: Potential cure doctors have been killed over? – Cancer Tutor:

You Decide.

50 Holistic Doctors Have Mysteriously Died In The Last Year, But What’s Being Done About It?

The Forgotten Story of Genius Dr.  Raymond Rife — Silenced by Mafia Medical Industry for Inventing Cancer-Curing Technology:

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3 free rad ebooks on healing:  The Cure Saga.

  1. The Cure for all Diseases
  2. The Cure for all Cancers
  3. The Cure for all Advanced Cancers

4. The Cure and Prevention of all cancers

excellent books, but incomplete without #4, which is not free.  If you
have a tablet or iphone, I recommend their digital form because it makes
it very easy and super quick to search by symptom or whatever else you
may be interested in.  

Some people have complained that the
contents in these books is disorganized, but I think it may appear that
way because the author is trying to explain concepts, then case studies
and events.   I think that in order to make these books adaptable to
you, the best method in my experience is to use the search function in
PDF and in iBooks, as it is quicker than referencing a list of words in
the index, which may be incomplete.  

Also, if you are a serious researcher, you might find using mind maps are much more effective (than taking notes or making lists to organize the information scattered throughout 4 books) to match your needs more perfectly.

the first three, but do not take action before you read the 4th book,
because there were a lot of discoveries that cancelled out or radically
changed a few of the previous recommendations.  Despite this, I believe
that without having read the first three books, you will be overwhelmed,
very confused and lost reading the 4th and final book on its own.