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Daddy Yankee se arrepiente de firmar el pacto Illuminati y nos lo muestra en su vídeo Ora por mi

La canción y vídeo ora por mi nos demuestra que Daddy Yankke se arrepiente de haber firmado el pacto Illuminati…

ZOE le da la bienvenida a Lucifer con su canción Reptilectric

¿Mon Laferte nos muestra como firmo el pacto Illuminati en su vídeo Tu Falta de Querer?

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This video will explain 2pac’s how his Connection was with the Illuminati,How his Enemies were apart of the Illuminati & how they Murdered him.


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Minecraft | Who’s Your Daddy Family? Baby Finds Aliens Secret Lair! (Baby vs Alien)

Minecraft Whos Your Daddy has been recreated in minecraft from the Who’s your Daddy game. The Baby stops at nothing to reach its inevitable death with these dangerous mods laying around. The clueless father tries to stop the child and have them live out their lives! While our Rendition of WYD might be a little different from the original it is Very entertaining and is sure to make you Laugh!!

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