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The untold horrors in China.


Journalist who investigated EU corruption found 😵🔨

Did the Illuminati KILL Mac Miller as a message to Ariana Grande or Sacrifice?!

Okay so first and foremost I don’t mean to show any disrespect to the rapper, his fans, or family.

Another death of a holistic doctor who claimed a cure for AIDS: undefined

The truth about hemp and why big business doesn’t want you to know it: undefined

Prominent holistic doctor’s body found floating in Bay Area: undefined

Aluminum in vaccines cause autism: undefined

The end of food as we have known it since time begun…kind of a big deal.

Gene altering technology (CRSPR) and nanotechnology have altered our food forever. We are becoming Transhumanist whether we like it our not. Please educate yourselves and share, and grow your own.

Georgia kidnaps 15-year-old son after parents treat his seizures with marijuana: undefined