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ancient aliens history channel documentary Season 3 Episodes 04 TV

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Alien Documentary | Ancient Aliens Alien Extraterrestrial 2015 SPACE & UNIVERSE

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New York Cine Radio: Ancient Aliens Debunked Review

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This week we review Ancient Aliens Debunked, a documentary that takes apart the Ancient Alien TV series and exposes it’s untruths.

Check out for full length interviews and discussions with hosts Thomas Edward Seymour, Ken Powell and Dave Leute!


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Debunking Ancient Aliens with Chris White

Corbett Report Radio #238 Tonight we talk to Chris White about his new “debunkumentary” Ancient Aliens Debunked, a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens Debunked PART 2 – Documentary [ Flat Earth ]

Part 3: Part 1: This is not a Flat Earth documentary, but it debunks the Alien agenda promoted by MEDIA and SCIENTISM.