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MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discloses Secret Space…

MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program:

On Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, the mysterious Q Anon revealed
that we are not alone in the universe, and that we do indeed have a
Secret Space Program.

This is arguably the single most exciting development we’ve had in
the entire time we’ve been doing this research… which has been full-time
since February 1993.

Q Anon is the only officially-sanctioned voice of the Alliance today…
a high-level group diligently working to create mass arrests of the
Cabal and disclosure.

Q has since gone silent for 17 days as of October 9th, 2018,
suggesting that “something big” is in the works. A letter was posted
that day, apologizing for the delays.

We may therefore be going through the final “crunch time” where
complete silence is needed for operational security, before the Alliance
finishes the job.

The very next day after the announcement, we saw the untimely death of Karl Wolfe on October 10th, followed by Bob Dean the day after, on October 11th.

Karl Wolfe reported on anomalous structures he saw on the moon at the original 2001 Disclosure Project, and Bob Dean was a veteran of the Secret Space Program.

Wilcock met Karl Wolfe at the original Disclosure Project in 2001,
and had hoped to interview him if he ever decided to speak out again.

Karl Wolfe was riding his bicycle when he was struck by an 18-wheel
truck in Lansing, NY, and later died from his injuries in the hospital.

[This sounded very similar to the incident in January where Emery Smith’s dog was struck by an 18-wheel truck that could have easily hit him instead.]

Bob Dean revealed a much greater involvement “off the record” to this
author than he had shared publicly, as discussed in the second half of The Ascension Mysteries.

Each of these men would have had irreplaceable value as public
witnesses in a post-Secret Space Program disclosure society, and now
they are gone.

Furthermore, the legendary Montauk Project whistleblower Preston Nichols had just died less than a week before, on October 5th, 2018.

These deaths may suggest that the Cabal responsible for this cover-up
is doing its best to “clean house” before any disclosure announcements

Other signs that we may be on the threshold of major events include
mega-hurricanes and a major economic collapse now in progress that could
easily become the next 2008.

The Dow Jones has already lost 2,245 points, a total of 8.4 percent, since its high of October 3rd.

This is very likely a structured, intentional event created by the
Cabal to try to create chaos as the Alliance makes its final moves.


The film “Above Majestic” sheds new light on the Secret Space
Program, Q Anon and much more, and is scheduled for release on multiple
platforms such as ITunes as of October 30th.

The author of this article has top billing in the film and appears
for many minutes of airtime throughout the movie, revealing a variety of
controversial subjects.

Mr. Wilcock’s portion of the film was completely re-shot in early
August, making it significantly upgraded from sneak-preview versions
aired at Disclosure Fest on June 23rd and Dimensions of Disclosure on August 19th.

This film is destined to become an “instant classic”, and will be
very useful in the disclosure process as we move forward — particularly
in light of this stunning new revelation from Q Anon.

The October 30th premiere had to be canceled due to the severity of threats that were coming in against the participants and audience alike.

[UPDATE, NEXT MORNING: Valuable link added at the very end to why Q may be waiting until after the elections.]


Ascension is the greater context for all of the discussions we have on this website, including the subject of today’s article.

My articles, books, lectures, videos, television shows and films all
invariably point us back to the fact that we are going through a very
rapid evolution in what it means to be human.

Dozens of ancient prophecies point towards the times we are now in as
being a true “All is Lost” point in our own collective Hero’s Journey.

Conditions on earth were predicted to reach a period of peak stress —
where everything we can possibly think of goes through a simultaneous

The biosphere goes out of whack, suggesting the planet itself will
not continue to be habitable — and this triggers a worldwide initiation

Economies collapse, poverty and inequality reaches an all-time high,
unspeakable corruption appears everywhere at the highest levels — and
the pain goes on and on.


The initiation reaches maximum intensity on the global as well as the
personal level. Everyone I know is going through it right now in
various ways.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a hell like you’ve never thought
possible before, don’t worry — it’s all part of the grand initiation.

Whatever is happening in your life right now, and keeps flying in
your face, is precisely that sacred work that is yours to process,
integrate and transcend.

Instead of fighting it, the teachings advise us to face it head on. No escapism or distraction. Just fully engage the process.

I understand that you may be feeling deep frustration, sadness, depression and anger. That’s all part of the Ascension process.

The key is to stay calm, remember your higher calling, and work through each new problem methodically, step by step.

Each All is Lost point feels like the worst it’s ever been — but
sooner or later the final exam is over and you get to relax once more.


We do have a wealth of spiritual material, both ancient and modern, to draw off of as we process these various difficulties.

This material reminds us that we are eternal beings on an eternal
timeline. No matter how intense things may seem, it is just another
phase of the grand journey.

We are clearly going through an epic “junction point” in the cycles
of history at this time. There are many difficulties, but it is also
very spring-loaded.

The “ageless wisdom” reminds us that all is holographic. If we put
love, compassion and forgiveness out into the world, it will come back
to us.


One of the most paradoxical spiritual teachings we encounter is this
idea of “savoring the pain” of life rather than running from it.

We can re-frame any situation we are going through as a sacred
blessing, an opportunity to experience massive spiritual breakthroughs
at a very fast speed.

These “opportunities” can create advancement in short bursts that
would take tens of thousands of years to work through in the far more
harmonious worlds of the higher realms.

If you are a regular reader of this site, and resonate with its
message, it is very likely that your soul came here from higher realms
to help this planet evolve.

Along the way, you go through your own very profound evolutionary
experiences, taking you far beyond the level you were at before you

I discovered I was an ET soul, or “Wanderer,” back in 1995, and have had countless opportunities to “savor the pain” ever since.


We are also being forced to learn to have healthy boundaries. We cannot allow the negative to run roughshod over our lives.

The uprising of the Alliance, and the mass sealed indictments, is a
manifestation of these healthy boundaries finally appearing on a
collective level.

However, nothing matters more than the personal work we are doing at
this time to set healthy boundaries in our own lives, while still
holding our attackers in love and light.

Each time we successfully stand up for what is true and right and
honest, in ourselves and in the world, we are making enormous progress.

We are not condemned, nor judged, for allowing our oppressors to continue to taunt, manipulate, control, demean and torture us.

However, once we finally decide to stand up and do something about it, we attract all sorts of positive karma — and advancement.


There is obviously a major difference between tasting water and drinking it.

Many times I feel as if the articles I write only give a taste of
what is really going on, without truly “drinking in” the deeper
spiritual implications.

In a situation like we have right now, with the Alliance’s entire
initiative seemingly in stasis, things can seem very bleak for those of
us who are following this story.

Many of us may be feeling as if “nothing is ever going to happen,”
“this was all a fake,” “life sucks and then you die,” et cetera.

I strongly encourage you to consider the far greater cosmic context
that is occurring, and not get hung up in the minutiae of a particular

Even if the mass arrests never happen — and they will — we are still
heading towards events of immeasurable spiritual significance as a


The mass arrests will be great when they finally do happen, but that is not the end of the journey.

It will nonetheless be a major milestone in our collective awakening.

How we navigate and integrate that mass awakening is ultimately a
deeply personal process that all of us are making, each and every day.

I posted prophetic data in the previous update, now at over 700,000 views, including an all-important quote from October 5th, 1999.

It said, “All this is leading towards something like a coup over the
military industrial complex and its stranglehold over this story
regarding UFOs and the like….

Government is in for a massive cleaning… but at first it will be interpreted as chaos and disorder.”

The “chaos and disorder” part is likely to occur once the mass arrests begin in earnest — and that moment may now be very close.


For me, the Law of One series took everything I already knew and
framed it in a much greater cosmic context that still has deep relevance
for today.

You can read and study the entire series free of charge at

I first read the Law of One series in January 1996, and was
stunned to see how a lifetime’s worth of my seemingly original research
was summarized and greatly enhanced in these books.

The key argument was that the universe itself was alive and conscious
— and certain areas of space and time had their own consciousness at
certain “density” levels.


Our own solar system was said to be moving into a new domain of space
and time that was “fourth density,” as opposed to our current 3D level.

Our transition into this new domain would ultimately lead to a
“quantum leap” in biology, consciousness and even the laws of physics in
our local vicinity.

Hundreds of specific references in the Law of One provided signposts for scientific research that is still ongoing to this day, and revealed many startling interconnections.

Some people completely understand that Ascension is happening, with
profound dreams, visions and insights, whereas others are totally

If you are aware that very heavy stuff is heading our way, and
struggle to tell others anything about it without being laughed at,
here’s a suggestion.

I always advise people to follow the “Rule of Ten Percent,” meaning
tell people ten percent of what you want to say, and then stop.

If they ask questions and make interested remarks, give them ten percent more. If not, simply change the subject.


Apart from any New Age-sounding jargon about densities, we find that
our entire solar system is indeed experiencing rapid climate change, not
just the earth.

I first published a Ph.D.-level paper on all of this, with 115 academic references, on Richard C. Hoagland’s website in 2004.

Click on this link and scroll a little ways down until you see the words “The Sun” in order to read all the specific NASA examples I had for this, fourteen years ago now.

The amount of supporting evidence has since expanded dramatically. It is summarized in all three of my published books, The Source Field Investigations, The Synchronicity Key and The Ascension Mysteries.

Furthermore, the newest interplanetary climate change data can be seen in all thirteen episodes of Season 28 of Wisdom Teachings on Gaia.

Additionally, my “best
available” summary of the many different ancient prophecies of
Ascension, at this time, can be seen in the fifteen episodes of Season

I am only bringing this up now to point out how easy it is to debunk
casual hate comments that there is “no evidence” to support these


This mass energetic charge-up of our solar system is also having a
direct effect upon our DNA, causing evolution to occur on a very rapid

Various scientists have discovered different pieces of the puzzle, but hardly anyone sees how they all interconnect.

For those who have watched Wisdom Teachings on Gaia or read my books, the facts behind these conclusions are inescapable.

This DNA change is not something that happens all at once at the end of the cycle. You are going through this change right now.

The following Season 29 of Wisdom Teachings goes through some of the interesting data on this mass DNA evolution over the course of 19 different episodes.

In short, if you watch Seasons 27 through 29 of the show, you will
see 47 half-hour episodes that nicely summarize the “core argument” for
Ascension — almost a year of weekly programs.

This argument is all based on the original message of the Law of One, with the appropriate scientific data to back it up.


For the first two and a half years of my time with Gaia, this
scientific argument in favor of Ascension was the main focus of my work.

Then, beginning in July 2015, I was able to convince Corey Goode to come forward as an insider in what became a new show, Cosmic Disclosure.

For the first time, I had someone who was willing to go fully on
record with information I had previously only heard about on a private,
confidential basis from others.

Three of the people who provided this information just died in the first half of this month, as I shared in the intro.

What made Corey’s information so unique was that he had apparently
received stunning new ET contacts, beginning in March 2015, in addition
to his prior experiences in the Secret Space Program.

Before too long, the ETs that allegedly contacted Corey revealed themselves to be the same beings that authored the Law of One series in 1981-83.


Many interesting narratives came through in the three years we did
the show, including a wide variety of new data on the Ascension process.

Corey had barely even read the first volume of the Law of One
after being asked, but his information often referenced it so precisely
that I had to go back and re-read it to see the connections.

The interconnections are so complex that without a long-term, dedicated study of the Law of One and Goode’s testimony, it is impossible to truly appreciate the scope and depth of the story.

This included the alleged appearance of beings from the inner earth
calling themselves the Anshar. I later went back and found numerous
references to this group in the Law of One, though not by that name.

Other insiders also came forward with supporting information, including Pete Peterson, William Tompkins and Emery Smith.

I was able to convince Peterson and Smith to come forward after both
men had been privately sharing information with me for nearly a decade.


I lived with Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty, the surviving members of the Law of One team, full time from 2003 to 2005.

I also lived right near their land in Milton, Kentucky for another year, coordinating efforts with various volunteers.

There were plenty of disappointing events that took place during
those three years, mostly because I had put them on a pedestal before I
had arrived.

Soon after I moved in, I became very distinctly aware of how flawed
and human they were, as are we all. Out of respect I have shared hardly
any specifics, and do not plan to.

The same thing is the case with my insiders, including Corey Goode, who in many ways received the next major phase of the Law of One contact, in my estimation.

Regardless of whether Corey’s experiences were literal, tangible
realities or dreamlike telepathic messages, they nonetheless were very
helpful. (I do believe they took place in physical reality.)

I do find it interesting to see how my own life has woven through
these various situations, including being present at the original Disclosure Project event in 2001 and meeting the witnesses, including the late Karl Wolfe.


We have all been subject to ongoing attacks, and our own character deficits can often bring them on.

The appearance of these character deficits can cause our attackers to feel that everything we have done has been discredited.

As I have seen, you do not have to be any type of “special person” to
have these contacts. It has more to do with being the right person at
the right time.

The Law of One contact only lasted for three years, from 1981 to
1983. Carla and Jim lived for many years thereafter, but the main
contact never returned as it had during that time.

Similarly, the active phase of Corey’s contacts went on for three
years. Much data was conveyed that we can still spend years poring over.

It is unclear whether additional contacts will occur at this point,
apart from Anshar contacts regarding personal issues that he is still

What we do know is that we have a blueprint for the future that
clarified and enhanced the Law of One message in many different ways.


According to DaMartin32, the number of “sealed indictments” on the books has now gone up to 55,677 as of September 30th, 2018.

We are only days away from the next update from this group, where the number may well expand to the range of 60,000.

As we have argued in multiple past articles on this site, there is no
conventional explanation for why so many sealed indictments are on the

We are expecting an international “mass arrest” of Cabal elites to take place once these indictments unseal.

The delay has been extremely frustrating, to say the least — particularly as the supporting evidence grows greater and greater.

It is important to remember that the Alliance is a group of real
people, complete with flaws, doubts, insecurities and personality

Everything that is pushing us toward disclosure is still very much
happening in the ‘real world.’ Heroes can be deeply flawed, and still
finish the job.


One of the most consistent themes in the Law of One series is how
incredibly persistent the negative forces are at disrupting positive

We naturally assume that we will not be affected by the negative,
that we are “stronger than that,” and it will have no effect on us.

The negative is incredibly good at what it does. It can find the
slightest weakness in someone’s personality and dramatically enhance it.

Many people cannot possibly grasp the idea that anything positive is coming out of the Trump administration whatsoever.

I can remind our readers that the Alliance has been fighting and
dying for this cause since at least the 1950s, but people get very hung
up on the present situation.

The negative seems to be doing an incredible job at making it appear that there is no positive angle to the current situation.

This influence works through the personality structures of individuals, and how they then interact with others.

Even the die-hard Q Anon fans must be feeling extremely bleak in light of the extended absence of posts we are now seeing.


The Alliance spoke to everyone’s deep frustration on October 9th, and has since disappeared for the ensuing seventeen days.

Here is a partial quote, from what is post number 2381 on

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.373
Oct 9 2018 20:42:13 (EST)

Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1]

General Statement:

We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow].

Exclude emotion and personal desire, instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness.

[(How do you) undo a lifetime of evil
& corruption [infestation] in the span of less than 2 years w/ a
corrupt DOJ & FBI in place?]

[Process & Planning – Law and Order]
[Military OP]

How can you make arrests [non-military]
prior to first fully cleaning out corrupt elements [at the top] of those
departments [FBI][DOJ] that oversee ‘investigation & prosecution’
in the United States?

[They [themselves] are the very ones engaged in the illegal treasonous acts.]

The post goes on from there, including a list of many different
officials that have already been fired or forced out of office from the
FBI, DOJ and the like.

[UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that the number of this post, 2381, is the US penal code statute number for treason.]

The silence in the aftermath of this post has been particularly dramatic, making everyone wonder what will happen next.

We used to be able to get many briefings on what was going on, but our own insider sources have gone completely silent.

This does not at all mean that things have just fizzled out.

Quite to the contrary, this is an indication that the behind-the-scenes fight to defeat the Cabal is now at an all-time high.

Before we delve into all the intricacies of the present, let’s do a quick review of where we last left off on September 8th.


Our previous article from September 8th predicted Mass Arrests that
will occur after the unsealing of what is now over 55,000 indictments.

Apparently, numerous spy satellites and computers that were the
backbone of Deep State surveillance have been taken down in a stunning
move by the Alliance.

Now that the Deep State has been effectively blinded, the final
preparations are being made for the arrests — with less probability of

In a third update on September 10th, we also discussed the sudden,
suspiciously-timed appearance of a mega-hurricane that would have
bulldozed Washington DC.

After we published the third update, the hurricane first looked like
it was getting much worse, only to then slow down, weaken and take a
bizarre, sharp left turn at the last minute.

We have disclosed the secrets of weather warfare on this site for
many years. It involves the use of intense, high-frequency microwave

Had that hurricane hit DC, the power would have been down for weeks, and the resulting arrests could be further delayed.


David Wilcock:

The Above Majestic film doesn’t really get into Ascension,
the solar flash, or the deeper esoteric studies therein. I am presenting
that info here for context.

It is important to keep these greater spiritual concepts in mind, from a Law of One perspective, when seeing a movie like this.

What the film does do is present a very interesting and compelling
narrative about the Secret Space Program, the Cabal and its ET roots.

I really “went for it” by putting in as much information that would
expose the Cabal as possible. In that sense it is a very brave film.

It is no wonder that we got banned from Fakebook immediately. “Quick,
Quick!!!” We still made it to number one anyway, thanks to you.

Since our team is fighting and dying on the front lines here, we
really do need your help by diving in and getting involved in this
stunning disclosure initiative.

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