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Humanity’s strong wish to communicate the extraterrestrial life is as weird as the plans to make a family with a person we’re going to meet on a blind date. No idea how he looks like, but we’ll be best partners ever! Searching for a contact with aliens, we desire to find the answers to some tricky questions. What is Universe? How it…

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Are Aliens Living On Earth?

Could extraterrestrial life already be on earth? Could alien even be living among us now?

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Evidence That Aliens Have Made Contact

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Have aliens visited the earth yet? What evidence is there that aliens have made contact?

UFO’s with Boyd Bushman and his last interview on Area 51 and UFO’s over Tucson, Arizona:




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If We Heard from Aliens, What Would It Look Like?

Earth can be a really loud place if you’re searching for an extraterrestrial signal. So how does SETI sift through all the cosmic noise to hunt for alien signals?

How Eyes Evolved to See the World Differently
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Finding Artificial Signals: Lights in the Dark…

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Where Are The Aliens?

Or are they already here…

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THUNDEROUS UFO ALIEN INVASION!!! 21st November 2017!!!

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प्राचीन भारत पर हुआ था एलियंस अटैक?Ancient Alien Used Nuclear Weapon On India

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10 Cave Paintings That Depict Ancient Aliens

Ancient aliens have always been a fictional truth. However, there are many ancient drawings and carvings of the sights of these real aliens that seem to prove otherwise. It is believed by some that these ancient aliens came to Earth to inform the human race of certain technological and civilization advancements that have made us who we are today. Since the primitive form of documenting down…

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