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“„The government and our science know about the event because it has happened like clockwork four other times in our history, and now we have once again come to the end of a twenty-six thousand-year long cycle of experiencing both darkness and light. They have built underground cities. They have been preparing for something that the world does not know is going to happen. The last thirteen thousand years has been darkness. The next thirteen thousand years will be light. But before this shift can occur, humanity will once again endure an event that will change the consciousness of this world.“

Anthony Kaminski. „Son of the Morning.“ iBooks.“

Captain Mark Richards is actually an American hero and so was his father Ellis Lloyd Richards also known as “the Dutchman”.  Mark Richards and his father were involved with top-level military intelligence operations since World War II.  They were part of the team who invaded the alien run Dulce Base notoriously known as a jointly-operated human and alien underground facility that still exists under Archuleta Mesa.  Dulce is a place where humans have been kept underground in cages and experimented on. The real story about Dulce has yet to be exposed in the mainstream media.

“Unspoil Me” – your smart TV can now wipe your memory for you: undefined