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Investigative journalist found dead in D.C. ho…

Investigative journalist found dead in D.C. hotel room weeks after reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for allegedly raping boy: undefined

Kate Spade found dead, Clinton Foundation work…

Kate Spade found dead, Clinton Foundation worked with her in Haiti.

Designer Kate Spade was found dead of an alleged suicide in her apartment Tuesday. Kate Spade was known as a major designer in the fashion industry, she was also the sister-in law of comedian David Spade, and Emeritus Chair of the New York Centre for Children. Spade had partnered with the Clinton Foundation on at least two major projects. The designer had helped operate a media campaign for The Clinton Foundation’s No Ceiling Initiative. Kate Spade also worked with the Clinton’s in Haiti, sending representatives to deal with Haitian business owners on Clinton’s behalf.

A Clinton foundation report from 2016 reads, “The Clinton Foundation Haiti initiative works to encourage economic growth, support small businesses, and empower girls and women in Haiti by helping Haitian businesses develop skills, facilitate investments, and connect with international partners. — Led a delegation, including representatives from West Elm, Kate Spade, Holt Renfrew, Kenneth Cole, and others, on an artisan, fashion, and manufacturing trip in the Port-au-Prince area to introduce them to potential investment and sourcing opportunities, and to develop new partnerships with Haitian business owners.

As a result, four new partnerships were formed between international retailers and several Haitian artisan businesses they met during the visit.” Officials have told media sources that “housekeeping staff found Spade inside her Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan at about 10:20 a.m. They said she left a note at the scene but the contents of the note were not divulged. She had apparently hanged herself with a scarf attached to a door knob.”

War erupts between Italy’s government and Soro…

War erupts between Italy’s government and Soros: “you profited from the death of hundreds of people”: undefined

Facebook’s New Verifying System Facebook, whi…

Facebook’s New Verifying System

Facebook, which landed itself in the crosshairs after becoming one of the primary venues by which federal prosecutors allege a Kremlin-linked, pro-Donald Trump Russian operation called the Internet Research Agency tried to flood the US with disinformation and propaganda before the 2016 elections, now says it will verify the identities of people who buy election-related ads by mailing postcards. This video was produced by YT Wochit Tech using source

FBI agent David Raynor found dead, Clinton’s B…

FBI agent David Raynor found dead, Clinton’s Baltimore connection.

Harvard Forum: The Disinformation Playbook

Harvard Forum: The Disinformation Playbook

Clint Watts at the Harvard Kennedy School JFK Jr. Forum, “The Digital Threat to Democracy,” on September 11, 2017.

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Congressman goes off on Clinton corruption.

Congressman goes off on Clinton corruption.