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Reptilian Queen Pu-Abi & Sumerian ‘Death Pit’ of Ur

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Reptilian Shapeshifters Compilation 9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hollywood Movies

Reptilian Shapeshifters Compilation 9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hollywood Movies. source

REPTILIANS – Part 1- Free Interview – The Emergence of Anu

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The Sumerian Tablets offer a History of Man written in stone much older than any of the accepted history manipulated by kings and Religions over time.

Here is a story seldom considered that will challenge your Common Sense and engage you to consider the image and likeness of your…

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Complete Control of Society, Technology from ENKI – You are already Microchipped – Robert Stanley:

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The bloodlines of the Anunnaki Gods have been traced back to the modern families in Europe.

Experts believe the Anunnaki came from Nibiru 430,000 years ago and colonized our planet.

According to an online historian who mapped out a detailed family tree of the bloodline, the origins of the Anunnaki begins with the ‘Sky Gods’ coming down to earth and interbreeding with women on earth. These women…

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The Origins of the Human Race: Ancient Aliens, the Annunaki, Ahura Mazda, Enki, Alien DNA

Some of my personal beliefs based on genetics, archaeology, history, and mythology. Twitter: Facebook: Second video channel on vidme: Youtube Link

The “EAGLE” Decoded (Reptilian Symbolism in Government)

In this video I will decode the meaning of one of the most prominent symbols of freedom in the US Government, the American “EAGLE”.

The “EAGLE” symbol was also used by Imperial Rome and in modern times by the NAZIS…

Using the “occult power of three” I will break down the word and show how two ancient Sumerian reptilian deities, Enki and Enlil, are encoded into this word, along with another occult…

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Are we all Souls or are some people projections of the Matrix Program? Robert Stanley:

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James Gilliland, ECETI Ranch, Greys, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Serpents, Archons,UFO’s,

In this epic 2 hour interview we discuss James ongoing contacts with multiple ET races. The Greys, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Serpent Beings, Archons and Light Beings have all made contact with James. Not only does James have photos to back up his claims, but also eye witness accounts from dozens of witnesses. source