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Where does it end? New ‘Monarch’ brain device approved for ADHD.

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They actually admitted there is no money in curing people.

They actually admitted there is no money in curing people.

Greg Johnson, John Morgan & Michael Polignano, “Conspiracy Theories & Disinformation” (Oct. 6, 2017)

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Why does Google want your DNA?

Woman celebrated for killing 3.5 million people: undefined

United States eugenics program targeted Latin American women: undefined

Ex Prime Minister exposes Tetanus vaccine in Kenya as a “targeted mass sterilisation program”: undefined

Planned Parenthood exposed.

Although the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Bill Gates are happy to sing its praises (or perhaps because they are), Planned Parenthood has a racist eugenicist past that it would prefer to sweep under the rug. The bigger problem for the organization, though, is that the past isn’t over and the public is beginning to discover the real driving force behind this globalist institution.