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Exploring The Universe & Meeting Aliens! – A 2D Space Sim – Adios Amigos Gameplay

Welcome to Adios Amigos! Adios Amigos is an awesome space-sim platformer hybrid where you have to find your way home in an awesome physics-focused universe. In this episode, we begin our journey home and explore multiple solar systems. I hope you enjoyed Adios Amigos, thanks for watching and liking.

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Is it possible that the moon is actually a giant spacecraft allowing extraterrestrials to monitor planet earth? Learn more about this theory in this collection of scenes from “Space Station.

Why is the symbol of the egg present in all cultures? Does the answer lie out in the stars, or perhaps inside our own brains? Find out in this collection of scenes from “Decoding the Cosmic.

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I wonder what a world we will have once the oppressive cabal ruling over Earth is finally defeated forever?

I know it will be so beautiful.

art by Moebius

Alien Ocean: NASA’s Mission to Europa

Could a liquid water ocean beneath the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa have the ingredients to support life? Here’s how NASA’s mission to Europa would find out. Youtube Link