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Jim Carrey Exposes The Illuminati on Live Television!

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James Eugene “Jim” Carrey is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, singer and writer. He…

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Beautiful Vampire Woman Reptilian Shapeshift on “True Blood”

To see more shapeshifts:

In this “True Blood” Reptilian shapeshift video, we see undeniable proof of BioDigital actors on the show as we see vampire Pam display her iris outside her eyelid and then we see Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) doing it, too.
PROVEN FACT shapeshift videos are so authentic and so clearly reveal the truth about a…

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Reptilian on J.J. Abrams TV Show “Lost” : WILD Shapeshifts from Terry O’Quinn

To see more shapeshifts: I’m watching the first season of “Lost” and sharing some of the most interesting shapeshifts I’m coming across.

Jim Carrey & Jeff Goldblum Earth Girls Are Easy Reptilian Shapeshifts

To see more shapeshifts: I was hoping for some great reptilian shapeshifts in “Earth Girls Are Easy” starring Jim Carrey.

Schwarzenegger Reptilian : The Terminator Shapeshift Evidence

To see more shapeshifts:

A Reptilian shapeshift from Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governator of Kallyfornia. Because “The Terminator” was both an imposter human AND a cold-blooded killer, director James Cameron had Arnold display constant shapeshifts in his eyes to add subliminal menace to the relentless cyborg assassin.


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The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Reptilians And It’s 100% PROVEN

The Reptilians constantly express themselves by displaying the Clown Slit when they shapeshift and they also refer to this type of shapeshift in Art & Culture. If you want to search for Reptilian self-expression on the internet, try image searching the phrase: “Clown Tattoos” and you’ll find tons of examples of these evil looking faces with clown slits over their eyes and wide mouth gashes with…

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Charlize Theron sexy shapeshifting Reptilian actress ? MAD MAX FURY ROAD

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It’s amazing to me, but the BioDigital actors of Hollywood have this ability to make their iris appear on the OUTSIDE of their eyelid (how da hell dey do dat?) …they often do it in a serious moment when they mean to kill an enemy. (Run like hell if you ever see this in real life.) Charlize Theron displayed…

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I Survived Reptilian / Demonic Possession – TRUE STORY

The “All-Seeing Eye” is the ‘god’ of the Reptilians. This Reptilian being invades the mind of a human subject and over-powers the human – who sees the ‘Eye’ staring into their mind. As the ‘Eye’ looks into the terrified subject’s mind, it also projects an entity into the head of the subject. This invisible entity then pushes the human out and takes over. The human now becomes a host-body for this…

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Oprah Winfrey Is A Satanist – Illuminati Exposed

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