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‘Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gives a talk at Wonderfest 2012 (1 of 6 Parts.)

History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos gives a talk at Wonderfest, a science fiction/fantasy/horror convention held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Giants have fallen into the category of “make-believe”, as if they don’t/didn’t exist. They did, and they still do. I’ll be talking about the giants/gods/titans in this vid… Fantasy IS Reality.

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BEST Reptilian Shapeshifts EVER – The Walking Dead TV Show

To see more Reptilian shapeshift highlights:

AMC “The Walking Dead” Zombie Apocalypse TV Show Starring Andrew Lincoln
PROVEN FACT shapeshift videos are so authentic and so clearly reveal the truth about a criminal Reptilian society in Hollywood that no one can refute it.

Here’s what folks are saying about PROVEN FACT VIDEOS


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Illuminati – Řád Osvícenců

Kdo jsou vlastně Osvícenci a odkud přišli? Jsou to opravdu Eridiovi největší nepřátelé? Arcadia TV vás vezme na malou cestu historií…Vstupte do červí díry na: Youtube Link


The Great Unseen.

Crrow777 Radio – Dinosaurs Were Invented by a Servant of Royalty – Fantasy Based Reality:

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Disclosure and Messages in Sci Fi and Fantasy Movies – Illuminati – Archons – Extraterrestrials – Advanced Technology

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Introduction: I have mentioned before on this blog that part of the weird religion, or beliefs, that the negative secret societies have – the negative aspects of the Illuminati if you like – is that they must show us what is going on – the hidden knowledge they have and what they are doing behind the scenes on this planet. And if we don’t work it out, and see it all and put the pieces together then they are not karmically responsible – that’s the way they see it I believe. As well as this, there are also some groups trying to prepare people for a disclosure of all the hidden agendas, hidden technologies and very covert things that have been occurring on this planet behind the scenes. They show us in TV shows, comic books, video games, movies etc. Some of the movies and TV shows mentioned in this article: 

{The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Jupiter Ascending, Star Trek, Star Wars, They Live, John Carter, Avatar, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hunger Games, Elysium, X Files, Harry Potter, Westworld, Stranger Things, Firefly, The Expanse, etc}