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#SB276, #Monsanto and #Glyphosate America’s most hated.

Reversing autism? Spectacular breaking science.

Professor shocks Del with this breakdown of new science that could be the key to ending the autism epidemic.

How strict are vaccine safety studies.

DEA grants pharmaceutical company monopoly on medical CBD: undefined

FDA Declares Homeopathic Drugs Illegal, Plans to Ramp Up Enforcement Actions:

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FOIA Docs Show FDA’s Data On Kratom Deaths Is Complete Propaganda:

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FDA, DEA Running Massive Conspiracy To Criminalize Kratom In Order To Protect Big Pharma’s Obscene Opioid Profits:

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Tennessee becomes the fourth state to restrict the use of Monsanto herbicide

“As a former intelligence professional, as a clandestine case officer, it was my job to put people in positions so that they had to do what I wanted them to do, and one of the ways you do that is you get someone drunk and put them in with a legally-aged female, and they have rabid sex with this legal-aged female and them somewhere in the middle of the night, you drug them in one of their drinks, and you switch out the legal-age female for a 12 year old…and you videotape them having rabid sex with a 12 year old. This is what Jeffrey Epstein does for a living. Okay? I mean he’s compromised anybody who has ever been on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane, at Lolita island, or in his no-name hotels…I absolutely guarantee you there is a videotape out there that they don’t want you to see…”

Robert David Steele (Former CIA agent)