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Illuminati’s Best Kept Secret

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Lion of Judah

Philippians 4:13…

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If you want a family one day, you need to see this.

Experts are “baffled” as to why fertility rates have plummeted in the United States. If we examine the events of the past that played a role in the destruction of the family unit, and connect those events to low birth rates and widespread infertility of the present, will we be able to paint a picture of the future? The future of the family?

They are all radicals at this point – “everything that is wrong with modern day feminism right here”: undefined

Reptilians are real; the patriarchy is real; and they are the same thing.



….. (crickets—-being eaten by reptiles)


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What pisses me off about the Telford grooming scandal.

The neutered west: Canada makes National Anthem “gender neutral”: undefined


Christina Hoff Sommers: The War On Boys.

Ancient Aliens – S12E06 – The Science Wars / Documentary Films 2017

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