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The flat Earth and the Sabbath(?)

Skydome Atlantis: Leaked NASA Documents – Proof: Space Tether & 3D Planetary Holographic Projection

Eric Dubay and Eddie Bravo Go Beyond the Imaginary Curve:

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The Great Deception: Why They Lie – The reason NASA and the government lies about the shape of the earth.:

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A physics/math genius explains respectfully to flat earthers why it just cannot be flat – he tries out every mathmatical test in his other videos

Listen To This! What Is Going On Above Earth?:

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Did They Just Tear The Veil? This video Shows they may have.:

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The Illuminati Exposed! 50 year old recording EXPOSES ALL!

This documentary was produced by End Times Productions. Here is a link to their channel:

Link to “Pawns in the Game” pdf:

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