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Crystal Vision.

Art by unknown.

“The spirits speak to us and through us. When the emotions overcome you, that’s a possession. We never truly own anything, even the self is temporal.”

Words by C.R. Sheehan.
Art by unknown. 

“Through the lens a catalyst can range the spectrum. The action is neutral, the perception provides the polarity.

Quote by C.R. Sheehan.
Image by unknown.

Ancient history of Reptilians and Demons Full Documentary by WOLVOMAN80

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Leaked Freemason/Illuminati leaders and The whore of Babylon ritual

Leaked Freemason/Illuminati leaders and The whore of Babylon ritual Youtube Link

Simbol Illuminati Di Beberapa Aplikasi Terkenal

Bahaya Illuminati! Kita Dikerubungi Simbol Masonis Ini Setiap Hari Tanpa Disadari.
Di dunia modern, kita dikelilingi oleh berbagai logo, simbol, dan grafik yang tak terhitung jumlahnya yang diam-diam tertanam dalam pikiran kita.

Tonton videonya kawan,
Dan semua kembali pada individu masing2,bagaimana cara kita menyikapinya.


Iklan Indonesia Yang mengandung unsur Illuminati!!!

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Kathy Griffin ELuminati Trump Beheading Ritual DEcoded June 2017

FULL DEcode by Truthiracy3 House of Wisdom!! AMAZING!!!!
READ ALL WORDS!!!! Mind BLOWing! (69) Cancer CRAB KRAKEN! June 1st 2017 NEWS UPDATE! President Donald Trump and Kathy Griffin beheading (decapitation) RituEL • Decode of the REverse PSYOPS of OPERATION SYMPATHY! • Truthiracy EXPOSES AGENT(s) Provocateur(s) and then takes to to a NEW LEvEL of DEcoding!!! The GOLDen KEYstone!!!! The Griffin…

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Devil Symbol “Appears” on Child & “Grim Reaper” Sightings! (2014)

Weird signs all around lately concerning the times we are in, and the “lifting of the veil”.