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I don’t care if you think I sound really esoteric and hippy, and you know, New Agey because I am and proud that I got to this level I consider myself someone who graduated to this level of understanding after much work. I used to be an extreme right wing Republican when I was in high school and college when I had no fucking wisdom no fucking understanding of the world – because that’s where I was sent on my mission to a conservative Republican family that lived in the suburbs of Washington DC, the heart of the beast. I believe it was my job to take someone who would’ve stayed that way and make them do a 180 and then change as many minds as I could. because I kept on reading a lot of books and I was perceptive of things around me and was fascinated by politics/current events, military history/espionage history, the cold war, psyops, black operations, etc. and I never discounted a man’s claim without first investigating it.

I’ve never learned anything from a man who always agreed with me – you have to always test your faith, test your values, bc that’s how you grow and it’s a positive thing it’s what we’re here on this earth for, each one of us is a God our own God we chose to incarnate on this planet for the experience that we take with us afterwards with our soul after we die.

“Our body doesn’t HAVE a soul , we ARE a SOUL that HAS a body.”

there’s no end to the amount of experiences and sensations and explorations and learning and growing and love that we will have in this multi verse. We are one. as of now, were just in the third dimension and third density beings – animals or second density beings and like rock and earth and grass and fire are first density beings they have souls too.

I mean it and that doesn’t even include the different universes (that’s where the black holes lead us to) where everything is topsy-turvy or the physics or an exact opposite of the universe she just came from

I mean like in the sixth dimension (where many of us indigo’s are supposedly from) what I read in the law of one is that the way to beings choose to be with one another is that they actually fuse with one another on a molecular level – which as the law of one describes is basically just one long constant unending orgasm in each others beingness, which i know is true now because before I had ever heard of these things or had that ET contact (I would have dreams where I was really attracted to a girl and I would like tackle her fusing with her like going inside her and it was like pure bliss) no joke.

I don’t want to talk about it but they made contact with me one night after I had gone to sleep and showed me. Some of my past lives the moments of my death the moments of my reincarnations and the moments right before my birth where I chose my mother and father and I chose aspects of the type of life I would have – that is if I agreed to reincarnate at all but certainly I can reincarnate in a higher dimension as well that a higher density after all they have more fun this is been a lot of work .

And my mission on earth here is to try to awaken as many people as I can to understanding the full understanding of our co- creative consciousness and that everything around us is just a distraction the only thing the only important thing here on earth is each other love learning to love and the experiences we take with us after we die.

we are getting close to the last 10 years where people have to begin to reach a higher level of consciousness but it has to be done to save the human species… I mean we still go to the amazing paradise heaven afterwards regardless but we love the humans, they haven’t been given a fair shake, they have been oppressed and deceived and lied to for many thousands and thousands of years and the way we were genetically made purposely makes it harder for us to activate our pineal gland, so to all of you advanced souls out there who I know are many many of you now in the hundreds of millions please reach out too, feel your mission from the inside, we need your help to spread the light to as many non-ET soiled humans as we can – after all they could be your brother your mother your father your cousin your girlfriend your wife your girlfriend, et cetera., and we desperately need to start the full-court press against the cabal that’s running the world but they are losing and they are terrified don’t get me wrong we are winning – but don’t rest on your laurels don’t let up for a second a desperate enemy that has its back to the wall is an unpredictable enemy capable of anything, do not get cocky for even a second, we need to get humans to start to see the world in a new light a better light a loving light.