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The Illuminati: The Celebrity Death Conspiracy

The Man tells us which celebrities the Illuminati has disposed of in recent years. TAGS: The Illuminati, The Man, diggerad, Conspiracy, New World Order, Spoof, Comedy, Satire, Parody, Funny, Sketch, Humor, Until Youtube Let’s Us Read The Tags Again I’ll Post Them In The Description Youtube Link

Dog Food is illuminati

Dog Food is illuminati and in this video we figure out why and how this is possible. Don’t take this video too seriously and tell me what you think in the comments. Youtube Link

Rocket League funny Moments | Twister’s Illuminati came back for the internet

Hey guys welcome back to the channel thank you for watching this is a short funny moment’s with twister and that’s about it

Also if you have seen “Twister is the Illuminati” well it came back to haunt him… well his internet at least…..

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blog/illuminatigames re-uploaded this old episode to test out the YouTube Video Editor. If you’re reading this, then the editor worked.

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Exploring The Universe & Meeting Aliens! – A 2D Space Sim – Adios Amigos Gameplay

Welcome to Adios Amigos! Adios Amigos is an awesome space-sim platformer hybrid where you have to find your way home in an awesome physics-focused universe. In this episode, we begin our journey home and explore multiple solar systems. I hope you enjoyed Adios Amigos, thanks for watching and liking.

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Are the human race headed for apocalypse? Will Brexit be good for the UK? What do aliens think of VICE? And how soon until we get to get down with aliens in bed? In this rare opportunity, VICE asks an extraterrestrial race (through a man channeling them) all of earth’s burning questions.

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Did The Illuminati Send Jay-Z A Message?

An overeager fan managed to leap on stage at a Beyoncé and JAY-Z concert, sparking a mad dash to apprehend the wayward Carter devotee. The superstar couple was in Atlanta Saturday at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium as part of their On the Run II tour when they turned around during the show’s closing moments and began to walk off stage.

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Watch as hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting New Yorkers when an alien pops out of a newspaper dispenser.

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