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Illuminati, FEMA camps, and Debtors Prisons ( OH MY! )

I Meant for this to be informative and thought provoking rather than fear porn to scare people into thinking what I think.

Alien Religion: How Extraterrestrials Nephilim Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Gave Humans System Of Beliefs

Great apes were roaming earth like wild beasts. Then deities came from the sky. They taught them how to harness fire and they created what he know today as modern man.

Alien in Space – UFO Documentary – National Geographic

Watch a fascinating new interview on UFOs and the Alien Contact: Documentary Truth presents documentaries free for all to view on many topics including: health, space, nature, war, science, spirituality, enlightenment, meditation, religion and new realities such as UFOs, ET/Alien Contact and more.

Strange Aliens in Da Vinci’s Paintings: Hidden Messages

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Scenes from History…

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This World Changing Device Was Locked Away By The Illuminati !!

This World Changing Device Was Locked Away By The Illuminati!


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World Changing Device Locked Away by Illuminati

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Illuminati Device So Powerful it Can Erase Continents

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Benjamin Fulford

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10 Unexplained Alien Paranormal Creatures Caught On Camera In Stunning Abandoned Buildings

Unexplained Alien, supernatural and paranormal creatures caught on camera in abandoned structures: 1. Abandoned Power Plant…


White Fury: Nordic Aliens, Arctic Amazonas Girls Warriors, UFOs, SWAT Team & Lots Of Snow & Ice

Even though Igor Kryan’s White Fury is 360 Degree Virtual Reality 4K Music Video (first of its kind) it has story line, documentary elements and jaw dropping amazing scenery.