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click here for report in PDF:  Glyphosate in Beer and Wine 

Written by Kara Cook, Feb 2019.

We tested 20 products: 5 wines and 15beers. The wine brands tested included Beringer, Barefoot and Sutter Home. Beer brands tested included Budweiser, Coors, Miller Lite, Sam Adams, Samuel Smith Organic, and New Belgium. Notable findings:

• Of the 20 samples, 19 contained glyphosate. The highest level of glyphosate found was in Sutter Home wine, at 51parts per billion (ppb).

• Our results also showed that 3 of 4 organic beer and wine contains glyphosate. Although glyphosate is not allowed or used inorganic farming, several types of organic products were contaminated, such as Samuel Smith Organic (at 3.5 ppb). Inkarri Estate organic wine contained 5.2 ppb.

• Large, conventional brands such as Coors, Tsingtao,and Miller Lite showed glyphosate levels above 25 ppb.

• One brand, Peak Beer, did not contain detectable levels of glyphosate.

Please refer to these numbers below to get an idea of how toxic the ppb numbers might be above:

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