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ALIEN GREY (used in Ancient Aliens – Season 8 Episode 9 – The Alien Wars)

USED IN HISTORY CHANNEL Ancient Aliens – Season 8 Episode 9 – The Alien Wars Youtube Link

Ancient sculptures of ‘aliens and spaceships’ found in Mexican cave: undefined

FREE Full Episode: Cosmic Disclosure w/Corey Goode – Guide to Non-Terrestrial Beings:

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There have been many reports of UFOs over water, and a much smaller amount of reports of UFOs navigating our lakes and oceans. The question must be asked: “Why do UFOs enter our waters?”

This question can only be answered with several other questions. Do alien beings have a personal need of water? Do alien craft have a use for water? Do aliens have underground bases in our oceans?

As we search…

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Nick Redfern Ancient Aliens Weapons Of The Gods Night Fright Show

Nick Redfern “Weapons Of The Gods” evidence of ancient nuclear holocaust?
The world’s on fire like never before. Everywhere we look there is war, conflict, refugees; in short there is a brewing storm. In October of 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. We were so close to nuclear annihilation that Ted…

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Reptilians – A Predator Species Among Us w/ Dan Flynn’s Story

(The next few videos I put out? Will beat all of the ones I’ve put out. Stay tuned (Feb 28/17 – 12:42 a.m was the time of this text entry, anything after?