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INFOWARS – Interview with Iranian Filmmaker Bahman Nassiri

INFOWARS – Interview with Iranian Filmmaker Bahman Nassiri – Estimated 3 million people watched this interview. source

What We Know About The Santa ‘Fake’ High School Shooting:

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Leaked Emails from U.S Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel exchanged messages on how to frame the Sandy Hook tragedy, politically:

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5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About The Tennessee Waffle House Shooting:

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Dead at 42: Broward County Sheriff deputy who questioned Parkland school shooting’s gun control agenda:

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Does This Stunning Email Indicate Parkland Shooting was Just Another False Flag Designed to Take Your Guns?:

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Meet George Soros – globalist hit man & sheep herder.

Operation Hogg Wash Blown Wide Open:

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False Flags on Five Fronts:

This is a link to a very good video by Dr. James Fetzer exposing four hoaxes / fake events: Sandy Hook school shooting, Boston Bombing, Charlottesville, Las Vegas shooting – as well as some aspects of JFK Assassination false flag. The video was deleted and censored by YouTube almost straight after it was uploaded, but he uploaded it to Bitchute and Renegade Tribune embedded it into the above post.

Dr. Fetzer has written various books as well, his book exposing the Sandy Hook hoax was banned by Amazon, so he made it available for free online. I recommend you watch his above video.

Below are some additional videos… if the above Jim Fetzer video doesn’t convince you that these events are fake (which it should):

Another video on the Las Vegas hoax:

Another video on Sandy Hook:

These additional videos were downloaded off YouTube and re-uploaded onto – this was before YouTube did their purge and got rid of the vast majority of videos exposing all the fake terror events.

And if you want some analysis on the fake Parkland Florida Shooting the 153news site has many videos: – you just need to do a search or two on there.

The You Tube PURGE… & New #Q: undefined