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Britain’s Orwellian thought police.




                                    By Mike D. (aka Citizen0ne)
                                           Dedicated to Enki.

Our own government possesses the technology to create crop circles – AND at the same skill level as the authentic ones. The Gov’t accounts for 33.34% of them according to several reliable sources…(apologies everyone, I am writing this from my hotel room and forgot to bring my crop circle book – so I cannot look up the sources names)


The gov’t make crop circles as part of a deliberate disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the legitimacy of all crop circles – thus confusing the entire issue until most people (overworked, underpaid, and distracted with family, bills, etc.) eventually just giving up trying to decipher/understand crop circles.

{You see, if a person cannot understand if a given phenomenon is real or not they begin to feel helpless and frustrated in their efforts and sadly choose to just forget about the phenomenon altogether (this is called cognitive dissonance). }


Another percentage of crop circles are reportedly directed at a small contingent of extraterrestrials currently still here somewhere on earth and tasked with some sort of mission. They look remarkably like us and can walk among us completely inconspicuously.


The crop circles that appear as geometric shapes, swirls, patterns and etc. and little else, to our untrained eye. Yet always mean something important and sometimes convey real encoded information. This class of crop circles are reportedly being sent to us from our loving royal father (He is not GOD; or as I refer to the one true God as PRIME CREATOR) Ea Enki is our Prometheus, our savior, our loving father, a Royal Prince, a genesis scientist (an achievement of great great accomplishment beyond any of our understanding),and so much more…

Why is Ea-Enki sending US these crop circles? To let us know, he has not forgotten his children. Nor will he.

You see, in place of an average Anunnaki worker, beloved Enki actually used his OWN blood and DNA to splice with the Earth primates. Enki was proud of we, his children and they held a special place in his heart.

So when Enki discovered Enlil was literally working us to death. Treating the fruit of Enki’s labor, an accomplishment he was very proud of, his brain child and and literally related to…with open contempt and the intention of leaving none alive after the mining was complete. Enki finally reached his breaking point and knew he was going to do something. Thank God.

After thinking about what to do for a very long time, he managed to get several of them expelled from Eden by giving them permission to mate (a big NO-NO, when Enlil was still enforcing a strict breeding schedule to continue to make improvements) (a center for genetics with holding areas and medical support, scheduled breeding times (like once in a blue moon), and highly obedient to their Anunnaki masters.  

Once expelled and “put out to pasture,” expecting that any kicked out of eden were likely to survive in the unforgiving wilderness was zero – as we were too institutionalized and never taught new survival skills.

Wrong. Father Enki stayed with us…teaching us…everything. Survival, Farming, He also was gifted with a string of DNA from a alliy – this gift from Enki to us, was the passion of a certain avian species from another planet. Enki was giving us gifts that the more well-bred specimens still allowed to reside inside Eden did not have. We were being given independence, important genetic traits that put us outside Enlil’s poewer….we were now more like them iin certain respects – the genetic gifts Enki had now given us was almost considered treasonous to do. He was a turning the wild ADAMUS a chance to be a real race – no longer a slave race. 

We are forever thankful for Enki, his compassion, generosity, and love. We have tremendous love and loyalty in our hearts for Enki. I would follow him to the hell if it meant protecting him and keeping him safe.Sincerely,Mike D.


From now on, if you hear the term “WHITE HATS” or “BLACK HATS” you’ll know who they mean.

“WHITE HATS” = the good guys in the government (typically intelligence or clandestine services) They are pushing for full disclosure and protecting current whistle blowers as best they can.

“BLACK HATS” = the bad guys in the government, the New World Order lackeys. They do NOT want any disclosure of any kind. If they HAVE TO, they will engineer a partial disclosure scenario and spread it out over decades. They want to keep us in the dark for as long as possible. They prey on us financially, physically, some NWO groups are pushing for a depopulation plan – brought about by engineering a massive world war, militarized viruses, weather warfare, etc. 

WHITE HATS and BLACK HATS are often working within the same institutions yet they are engaged in battle with one another. This is all really going on.

Actually, 3 or 4 depopulation plans have already been thwarted – but we got very close.

Please wake up my brothers and sisters of all races!

I’m not a crazy conspiracy nutcase.

Just like all you non-believers out there – I used to think this was all crazy internet bullshit once too. Then I stopped trusting. I started researching. I have considered every angle. Russian/foreign psyops – the works. I am a huge military history buff, everything from the civil war to the cold war. I have read mountains of books on these subjects. Eventually, I became very interested in the history of espionage and “the black arts” and so I read many books about the CIA and the KGB.

They have engaged in all kinds of operations against each other, against their own populations, etc – some things you would never even dream of, and are rarely talked about even though they are public knowledge. Like spraying elementary schools with airborne metals without their consent, infiltrating peaceful U.S. political groups and pushing them towards violence so they could prosecute and destroy them (cointelpro), devising a “heart attack gun”, or planting “innocuous” bacteria in the subway system. Surgically implanting listening devices in live animals – project “acoustic kitty”, training and weaponizing dolphins to patrol ports and harbors from enemy divers.


After a while, you begin to know what kinds of rumors ring true, you begin to understand the kinds of operations organizations like the CIA, etc are likely to “green light” and engage in. Trust me when I tell you, I am not a gullible person. In fact, I am a rabid student of military history and espionage history. I know what has been done. I know what operations have been carried out. I have grown to understand how intelligence organizations think and operate. Please, do your own research. Don’t just take my word for it. Become one of us who have woken up and begun to fight!

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