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Illuminati Quantum Leaps Across Dimensions

“What is interesting about Illuminati is when they show themselves via quantum leaping how some citizens from different backgrounds do not believe that the soul or souls can incinerate from particles and appear and then disappear. Illuminati members have mastered this technology. Some people who have witnessed this technology call the experience a visit from a loved or a ghost or a haint, but regardless of the title or language used, the spirit is always Illuminati,” says Hate Crime Expect, Miligros Mendez. “ "Notice the speed that Illuminati leaps in and out of dimensions. Remarkable! What is also interesting is how they choose what citizens they allow to see them quantum leaping,” Mendez continues. “This means that Illuminati is tampering with the human body because everyone should be able to see what is taking place on this dimension since Illuminati has them here. Why does Illuminati intentionally block the vision of the human eye? Why are people who are so-called legally blind unable to see with other eyes that they have in the human body that Illuminati has blocked off. If a blind man, woman or child can see a dream that is another window for sight. Illuminati controls everyone’s vision and what you don’t see is just as important as what you see,” Mendez comments.