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REAL Artifacts Proving Aliens Have Been to Earth

From alien coins to drawings of ancient astronauts, here are 10 Artifacts and Findings that just might prove aliens have walked among us…

10. The Baptism of Christ… by Aliens ??

This scene, painted by Aert de Gelder in the 17th century, depicts that baptism of Jesus. According to the Bible, Jesus saw the spirit of God above him as he resurfaced. It would appear that our artist here, depicted that…

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Songs Played Backwards | Hidden Messages * ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED? *

Illuminati Songs | Reversed | Hidden Messages in popular songs | Illuminati Confirmed

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Midnight Ride: Decoding Hidden Symbolism in Washington D.C. w/ Gary Wayne

The Midnight Ride: Live Hub: Decoding Hidden Symbolism in Washington D.C. w/ Gary Wayne You are watching the Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico every Saturday night on NYSTV.

Miley Cyrus illuminati victim !

Check more backwards videos & lyrics on my channel. Please subscribe! – well, many people already found this subliminal message. I just made an evidence by myself to prove that this song really has a hidden message. Youtube Link

Real Aliens Caught On Camera

This is a collage of photographs from myself and Nasa as well as the simple internet 009 sound system music you can get their music from audio-swap or buy it from iTunes Youtube Link