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2100 caged children liberated and saved by U.S Marines and Navy Seals from DeepState owned underground bases in California: undefined

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain: undefined

Are Aliens Living On Earth?

Could extraterrestrial life already be on earth? Could alien even be living among us now?

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Facebook uncovers coordinated disinformation operation ahead 2018 midterm elections

Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network discusses the Washington Post report where Facebook revealed on Tues. July 31st, 2018 that they have Facebook discovered 32 false pages and profiles that operated from March 2017 until this May, which lured 290,000 people with ads, events and regular posts on topics such as race, mindfulness and feminism — and sought to stir opposition to…

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Hillary Clinton Carrying The Torch of Lucifer Who Is Satan Leading The Blind Into The NWO

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Lost Hillary snuff clip, pedovore, SGT report British monarchy paedophiles.

Hillary Clinton is a reptilian shapeshifter

America! Take a good look at your beloved candidates. They’re nothing but hideous space reptiles…..

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I love it when the Simpsons tells us the truth, and yet present it as a joke so nobody will believe it. That’s funny… really funny.

Alright party people, I thought seeing as it’s to U.S. elections, I felt…

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Anthony Bourdain’s Haunting Tweet Weeks Before His Suicide About How Hillary Clinton’s Goons Harassed Him:

(reddit comments) “Illuminati” Document, Clinton Emails Released. #PIZZAGATE

281 Clinton Emails have been released today by Judaical Watch. Also, Illuminati document found on website with very interesting information. Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Share, have a good day.

Judaical Watch 281 Emails —- —…

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CLINTON Blames ALIENS for Election Loss!

How many of you watched the April 27th 2018 episode of Ancient Aliens where John Podesta joined in they talked about how much of a saint Hillary Clinton is for trying to disclose classified documents about UFOs and ETs?

I know on the surface this seemed to be a good thing they were doing but really, when you see who was apart of this, there is a much darker reason why Hillary and Podesta were…

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