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Reptilian Shapeshifters Compilation 9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hollywood Movies

Reptilian Shapeshifters Compilation 9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hollywood Movies. source

Hidden UFOs in Ancient Art: Ancient Aliens

What if the UFOs in ancient art are not flying saucers or super high technology flying alien spacecrafts ? What if they are actually spiritual vehicles crafted out of spiritual substances?

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Wreckage From Ancient Alien Ship Found? UFO’s Swarm ISS! 10/22/16

Nasa docking video:
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5 Incredible Cases of Mass Alien Sightings!

.5 Incredible Cases of Mass Alien Sightings!


When only one person claims to have seen a UFO it’s easy to discount their tale as the ramblings of a crazy person, but when a group of people see the same thing, the world’s a little more apt to pay attention. That’s why these 5 incredible cases of mass alien sightings are so, well,…

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Part 5:

best evidence proof reptilian…

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The Reptilian Reality Show : Tears, Holograms & Shapeshifting

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Outstanding Reptilian Shapeshift with In-Depth Analysis

resolution2781’s original video: evidence proof reptilian shapeshifter fox news morphing eyes hologram tares kenite cain annunaki nibiru planet x demon alien ufo reptoid draco orion david icke alex collier bush rockefeller rothschild illuminati nwo mason templar satan 666 lucifer baphomet devil diablo zeitgeist 911 inside job false flag cia mind control matrix alex jones bilderberg trilateral 2012 ascension skull bones masonic knights templar solomon temple bohemian grove armageddon apocalypse vampire fallen angel nephilim dragon chemtrail orgone haarp mind control source


I finally got my Alien Hologram Night Light Lamp 


Randy Orton’s Reptilian Slit and Neck Scales

Read Description for Explanation!

Watch in HD for better quality.

Here we have Randy “The Viper” Orton, showing off his reptilian eye slit and his neck scales.

1:06 As Randy turns his head to face us, you can clearly see through his eyelids (A reptile trait), exposing his large reptilian eye behind it.

More examples on Transparent Eyelids:

Now, I…

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Reptilian Holographic Technology Failure’s

This video is highlighting anomalies surrounding holographic tech failures. Notice the obvious lines that start forming around the senator’s head, tie and neck.