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Lying signs: a blind woman sees.

Woman becomes the first to have “restoration” of sight after bypassing the eye itself in favor of a brain implant.

Mr. Smith gets blackpilled.

CEPI (funded by Gates) grants Inovio $9M to develop Coronavirus vaccine.

Indian scientists “claim” to find HIV (AIDS) virus-like insertions in Coronavirus?

Recently Indian scientists published a study (Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag) in which they made the claim that the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan has virus insertions that came from HIV.

Abused by UK pedophile elites – victim Mike Tarraga.

Top 5 autism triggers.

The cloud of deception.

“The human eye is extremely powerful. When citizens say that they can see through buildings, homes, cars and clothes, they are telling the truth. Illuminati shows a select group during their experiments how powerful the human body is. Their experiments are highly unorthodoxed. They show civilians how they can change out images and text using quantum physics, which means one can be reading a newspaper in English and in less than one human second, Illuminati will change the text with the same information to French. That is how powerful they are. They can do this and they have always possessed this superior intelligence. Illuminati can also alter photographs that you look at.  They often show civilians how they can change figures in photographs or add people and structures into the image.They are the masters of quantum physics, which means they can teleport any person or structure into a space. This is what civilians see when they see “ghosts or spirits.” Illuminati shows how powerful the human body is during their experiments. Man can see the entire moon, speck by speck, dust by dust particle, as if they were viewing it under a microscope, if Illuminati chooses to show them. There is no need for space travel when they are around because they can teleport the moon in whole or parts in any size. Why can’t they? Illuminati created the sun and the moon. #illuminati created man and other life forms that are half-man/half-animal. This is what Illuminati kept from man.” – Juan Carlos Hernandez, Paranormal Expert.

Water corruption and fraud; Australian government wasting millions of litres of water during Australia’s worst drought.

Krayzie Bone breaks down Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 and the forces behind it.