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Ancient Aliens Mysterious Place

Ancient Aliens is a theory also known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory which suggests through undetermined evidence that ancient aliens have had past communication, influence, and guidance with Earth’s ancient cultures/civilizations.

Ancient aliens theory and the Incas

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Kevin was joined by Brien Foerster to discuss the history of the Incas and his research in Peru. Brien was born in the US, but moved to the west coast of Canada as a child, where he became immediately fascinated by the Native…

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This is a short red pill video about the Jew World Order, which is regularly banned and censored by YouTube (jewish owned and run YouTube) but I found a reupload. It’s an older video… this guy was very woke, way before most.

The guy expresses in a poem some information about historical events, and who was behind them… events that are covered up and lied about by those who control the media:

African Slave Trade
Christopher Columbus / the Americas 
The Slaughter of the Incas
The Armenian Genocide
The Bolshevik Revolution
Holodomor – Ukrainian Genocide
U.S.S Liberty attack
9 11 attack – the fictitious war on terror

The guy ends the video with this quote:

“Better to stand alone with Truth, than in the company of lies.”

I can imagine back then he did feel like he was standing alone – there are a great many more people who are awake to all this now though.