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Frisbee Doge: An Illuminati Conspiracy?

Is this the truth about this tragic event? Or just speculation? Youtube Link

Alex Jones Sues Paypal For Infowars Ban Over “Hate, Intolerance”:

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INFOWARS – Interview with Iranian Filmmaker Bahman Nassiri

INFOWARS – Interview with Iranian Filmmaker Bahman Nassiri – Estimated 3 million people watched this interview. source

If We Ban Alex Jones Then We Have To Ban Ancient Aliens

Ancient aliens is fake news

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Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Interview Illuminati Freemason Symbolism

Full NBC Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Interview:

More Symbolism videos:

Recorded with

A million thanks to TheGroxt1, without him, none of this would be possible:


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[8.14] Censorship Continues / NBC Q Attack / Mysterious Deaths / UFO Limited Hangout:

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InfoWars App Downloads Surge Past CNN After Orwellian Deplatforming:

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The Real Reason Apple, Facebook, Spotify & YouTube Banned Infowars: “This is what election meddling looks like”:

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2018, Disinformation? Or Disclosure? Doug and Joe Hagmann Followed by Tracy Beanz

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