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Illuminati Insider Reveals The Alien Agenda

Are the Illuminati working with extraterrestrials, and if so, what are their goals? Could planet Earth be much younger than mainstream science admits? Is there scientific evidence for the so-called “Great flood”, which broke apart Pangea and destroyed an ancient, worldwide civilization? Did Atlantis and Lemuria actually exist? Author Stan Deyo was recruited by the Illuminati to develop…

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A conversation with ex illuminati insider Ronald Bernard and Sacha Stone

One of the brave whistleblowers of our time putting truth and forgiveness ahead of personal safety and fear.

Insider Q Anon Updates — November 23rd 2017:

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Insider Q Anon Updates — November 21st 2017 & /POL/ Q Clearance Anon- Is it happening? Part 7 (Video):

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Insider Q Anon Updates — November 20th 2017:

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New Hollywood Insider Speaks Out, Claims a Global Pedophile Ring Controls Hollywood:

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