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Eurasia’s Illuminati HQ

Kazakhstan’s “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” Pyramid in Astana, Eurasia’s Illuminati HQ for more info Youtube Link

U.S. Hid Osama bin Laden in Iran for Decade After 9/11; Bush & Obama White Houses Worked Saudi & Iranian Deal to Safeguard Terror Leader:

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Total Recall Film – Illuminati Free Mason NWO Symbols – Veitnam Iraq Afghanistan Syria

Track – Pure – The Lovely Bones Total Recall Film Illuminati Free Masson NWO Symbols Veitnam Iraq Afghanistan Libya Syria Pakistan India Iran source

Putin Will Jail Illuminati Puppets Martial Law WW3 NEW!

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Benjamin Fulford – May 14th 2018: Trump Iran Sanctions Aimed at Forcing Middle East Peace, Pentagon Sources Say:

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QAnon on How Ending Iran Peace Deal Thwarts Deep State Plans for Nuclear False Flag Attack:

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Iranian Regime Threatens to Release Names of Western Officials Who Took Bribes to Pass Nuke Deal:

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Israel Launches Major Military Strikes in Syria With US Support

Iran Nuclear Deal Withdrawal, Israel, Trump, America, Syria –  by Blackstone Intelligence Network

Zionism creating more unnecessary war, death and destruction – backed by Trump and the ‘US’ government – All for The Greater Israel Project.

Quote from the video:

“To a lot of people outside of America it looks to them like the American people, we the regular citizens, that we aren’t in control of our government. He said that to foreigners it looks like the people who control the United States are the Israelis – that the Israeli lobby control the US government, which is absolutely true. It’s absolutely true – the Zionists control the United States government…

…He’s confused as to why Americans are not out in the streets protesting what is clearly a coordinated effort by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu to dramatically escalate war in the Middle East and start a new war with Iran. I agree, I don’t know why we’re not out in the streets.”

Trita Parsi:

“Donald Trump has committed what will go down as one of the greatest acts of self-sabotage in America’s modern history. He has put the United States on a path towards war with Iran and may trigger a wider regional war and nuclear arms race.

This is a crisis of choice. Trump has taken a functioning arms control deal that prevented an Iranian nuclear bomb and turned it into a crisis that can lead to war.

This is not America first, this is Trump leasing out America’s foreign policy interests to the highest bidder (Israel).” –

The Truth About Benjamin Netanyahu’s Anti-Iranian Propaganda

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a sordid history of lying to the American people to gain the use of the US military to topple Israel’s enemies. This video will open your eyes to his scam.”

A video highlighting Netanyahu’s and Israel’s numerous blatant lies about Iran and other countries throughout the years, as well as the most recent ridiculous nonsensical lies about Israel discovering new documents that are said to show that Iran are developing ‘Nuclear Weapons’ – or failing to comply with the nuclear accord . Netanyahu exposed as a serial liar.

The Zionists and their Greater Israel Project looking to cause more death and destruction with their lies.

‘5 Russians may have been killed by US strike in Syria’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman says five Russian citizens may have been killed in Syria in US attacks on pro-government forces this month.

Maria Zakharova however said those killed were not Russian military personnel. She added that claims that hundreds of Russians have died during clashes in Syria are part of a disinformation campaign against Moscow. Zakhrova added that the US actions in…

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