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The saga of Joe and Hunter.

“The only option that exists for those in that position are to participate in the unveiling of the corruption and the exposure of this veiled system existing beneath or directly behind what we know as society.” @aug_tellez Enjoy the show! #WWG1WGA

🍕 Joe Biden accused of sexual misconduct by heckler #metoo.

Today, former Vice President Joe Biden was heckled on his “Promise Me, Dad” book tour and was publicly accused of molesting children

Broward county Sheriff Scott Israel

Take a good long look.

This is what a smug, spineless, two-faced, greedy, elitist looks like.

This is what a real monster looks like.

Julian Assange Cryptic Message Decoded and More on Wikileaks:

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Former Joe Biden secret service agent: we had to protect women from him, ‘Weinstein level stuff’

Child molester Joe Biden and Lady Gaga who swears her allegiance to Lucifer

teams up to “stop sexual assault”.

Joe Biden Lady Gaga Public Announcement against Sexual Abuse:

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Biden: ‘The One Thing The NRA Has Done So Well’ Is Disinformation

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