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Location of Mars Secret Space Program ARC Jump Room: 999 N. Sepulveda Blvd:

“The eight modalities of time travel in the US time travel arsenal are of diverse origins:1. Remote viewing was developed by the US military in the 1960’s
years before it was supposedly developed at Stanford Research Institute
[SRI] in 1972..

2. Spinning to induce out-of-body experiences so as to travel on the astral plane is an ancient occult practice.

3. The so-called Montauk chair was reverse-engineered from the
pilot’s seat aboard a crashed ET craft, by which the ET pilot piloted
the craft psychically to avoid collisions in space in light of the speed
of the craft..

4. The teleporter was invented by Nikola Tesla.

5. The chronovisor was accidentally discovered by Vatican
musicologists Father Pellegrino Ernetti and Father Augustino Gemelli
when they were studying the harmonic patterns in Gregorian chants at the
Catholic University of Milan in the 1940’s and found the microphone
they were developing could pick up the sounds of past events.

6. The advanced chronovisor was developed from a TV-like screen into a
standing cubical hologram of moving, multi-colored light by US defense
contractors under DARPA after the Vatican gave the chronovisor
technology to the US government for further development.

7. The plasma confinement chamber was invented by Dr. Stirling
Colgate, president and dean of physics at the New Mexico Institute of
Science and Technology [NMIST].

8. The jump room or “aeronautical repositioning chamber” ]ARC] was
developed in a joint venture between Parsons and Lockheed, possibly
after being reverse-engineered from an extraterrestrial device or as a
result of ET-human liaison in which the device was given to the US
government by one of the Grey ET species.Source: Andrew D. Basiago for Project Pegasus“

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