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Reptilian Shapeshifters Satanic Illuminati Sex Party w/ Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise

To see more Reptilian shapeshift highlights: “The left eye is weak, but johnellizz is STRONG! We cannot possibly compete with this fantastic man!” -666…

Beautiful Vampire Woman Reptilian Shapeshift on “True Blood”

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In this “True Blood” Reptilian shapeshift video, we see undeniable proof of BioDigital actors on the show as we see vampire Pam display her iris outside her eyelid and then we see Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) doing it, too.
PROVEN FACT shapeshift videos are so authentic and so clearly reveal the truth about a…

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Astounding Reptilian Shapeshifts in Terminator 2 – James Cameron Science Fiction Movie

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The best Reptilian Shapeshifts in “T2: Judgment Day” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger * Linda Hamilton * Robert Patrick. I like that huge clown slit that Linda Hamilton does to indicate her sadistic intention to inject the psychiatrist with Draino.

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Spectre / 007 Star Daniel Craig Reptilian Shapeshift

To see more shapeshifts: WHY HE DID IT: As “James Bond” Daniel Craig decides to kill a renegade guerilla fighter under his command in “Defiance”, he flashes his Reptilian slit just as he pulls the trigger.

Reptilian on J.J. Abrams TV Show “Lost” : WILD Shapeshifts from Terry O’Quinn

To see more shapeshifts: I’m watching the first season of “Lost” and sharing some of the most interesting shapeshifts I’m coming across.

Jim Carrey & Jeff Goldblum Earth Girls Are Easy Reptilian Shapeshifts

To see more shapeshifts: I was hoping for some great reptilian shapeshifts in “Earth Girls Are Easy” starring Jim Carrey.

DEVIL Reptilian Shapeshifter Al Pacino says: “I’m a Master of the Universe”

WHY HE DID IT: As “Scarface” actor Al Pacino plays the Devil in “The Devil’s Advocate” he flashes a Reptilian slit just as he says, “I was a master of the Universe” while talking to Keanu Reeves of “The Matrix” films …The slit subliminally affirms the claim that Al’s character is making.

PROVEN FACT shapeshift videos are so authentic and so clearly reveal the truth about a criminal Reptilian…

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Schwarzenegger Reptilian : The Terminator Shapeshift Evidence

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A Reptilian shapeshift from Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governator of Kallyfornia. Because “The Terminator” was both an imposter human AND a cold-blooded killer, director James Cameron had Arnold display constant shapeshifts in his eyes to add subliminal menace to the relentless cyborg assassin.


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Reptilian Shapeshift “OBLIVION” Tom Cruise Illuminati Sci-Fi Movie

To see more shapeshifts: WHY SHE DID IT: ‘Sally’ played by Melissa Leo is an alien computer pretending to be a human woman in “Oblivion” starring Tom Cruise …The actress displays her Reptilian slitted eye to subliminally convey the deceptive nature of the masquerade in this Illuminati Science Fiction Movie.

What David Icke WON’T TELL YOU About Reptilian Shapeshifters

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David Icke will NEVER inform you of the most important thing you need to know about Reptilian Shapeshifters…but thanks to “The Matrix” star Keanu Reeves and “Mission: Impossible” actor Tom Cruise we can see it for ourselves.

PROVEN FACT shapeshift videos are so authentic and so clearly reveal…

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