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Aliens – kill me

Kill me Youtube Link

Bikini Kill – Alien She

Bikini Kill- Alien She
Pussy Whipped (1993)
Kill Rock Stars


She is me
I am her
She is me
I am her
Siamese twins connected at the cunt
I want to kill her
But I’m afraid it might kill me
“Dyke” “Whore”
I’m so pretty
She wants me to got to the mall
She wants me
To put the pretty, pretty lipstick on
She wants me to be like her
She wants me…

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PLEASE NOTE: I am not suggesting this targeted killing was right or wrong. I don’t presume to even know WHY in reality this man was assassinated. I merely want to show people that conspiracies exist. (albeit a small one in this case)

This took place in DUBAI,
United Arab Emirates.

This is how a professional assassination is carried out (usually). I only post this to showcase that these kinds of things ARE done. There is much the public doesn’t know about.

Perhaps this video (an excellent timeline and explanation of how a professional assassination is carried out) will wake people up to the fact that we are being lied to by our government as are the citizens of many other governments. We have been pitted against one another – we are meant to fight each other.

In keeping all the racial groups and nation-states of this planet constantly distracted, perpetually fighting one another over what are largely manufactured lies and governmental propaganda, we are always caught in the fray with our heads lowered, eyes squinted and fists cocked – you see, that way there’s no risk of us pausing, lifting our heads and seeing who our true enemy is.