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Laura Eisenhower & Patricia Farrington 11-21-2017: Mars, Timelines, Cabal, AI, Aliens, Secret Societies, Disclosure, Sovereignty, Co-Creation

Laura Eisenhower & Patricia Farrington 11-21-2017: Mars, Timelines, Cabal, AI, Aliens, Secret Societies, Disclosure, Sovereignty, Co-Creation:

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Humanity – Collective Consciousness: A link to an article with…

Humanity – Collective Consciousness: A link to an article with Quotes Perspectives and Explanations:

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{Featuring: St. Germain – Michael Tellinger – P’taah/Jani King – Barbara Marciniak – Tom Kenyon/The Hathors – Laura Eisenhower – David Icke } 

Introduction: Some Higher Dimensional Beings can view humanity as one being. We can imagine ourselves as a cell, a unique individual cell in this huge being, this huge conglomeration of energy – and how our thoughts ripple through other cells, our human brothers and sisters. We are all energetically connected and are manifesting what happens on Earth together. I like to send thoughts of love out and imagine it rippling through the cells of this one being that we are a part of. I like to remember that when I become more informed and understand more of what is really occurring behind the scenes on this planet, and see through all the lies and deceptions, others can then more easily access this information – as all I understand is transmitted energetically to the collective. I understand that as I comprehend more metaphysical concepts of how consciousness and creation works, that this also enables others to more easily understand these concepts. I understand the power of the thoughts we put out into this planet and into our collective-consciousness. I understand the importance of imagination, and imagining the unifying, empowering, peaceful, and abundant future we want for all of humanity. I also do not forget the importance of action as well – thought, word and deed…

Secret Space Program Whistleblowers

I wouldn’t post all this information on these extremely advanced secret space programs if I hadn’t done loads of research into this subject. And there are various other whistleblowers that have shared information on the secret space programs that I haven’t posted about today: Max Spiers remembers being in the secret space program for a period – specifically being on Mars – he has had memories come back to him. Laura Eisenhower testifies to the fact that an organisation tried to recruit her to go and live on Mars, in one of the colonies on there. Aug Tellez testifies to his experiences in Solar Warden, a faction of the secret space programs that travels the solar system and beyond. The computer hacker Gary Mckinnon testified that he found evidence of secret space programs when he hacked government computers. David Wilcock is someone who has many contacts with people who work in these secret programs. Michael Relfe testifies to his experiences in the SSP on Mars. Elena Kapulnik has detailed memories of here time in the SSP as does Penny Bradley. And of course today I posted information and testimony from Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, Tony Rodrigues, Cobra, and William Tompkins. And there are more, but all these people I have mentioned in this paragraph are the most prominent.

If you read all the information in the posts I have posted today and followed the links, and also researched the other people I have mentioned in this post, you will see that all the testimony’s and Intel correlate. Correlating lots of data is one of the keys to discernment. 

I know people can be resistant to this information, it can cause a lot of cognitive dissonance. One of the main reasons for posting so much about all this is that the very advanced technologies that they use in these programs are phenomenal – and if they were released to humanity (they should have been many years ago) they would help so many people on this planet, as well as all the animals and wildlife. This technology would alleviate so much suffering. It would make everyone’s life better. Humanity and this Planet deserves Full Disclosure.

“Carry the frequency of love, which is the frequency of creation – and light, which is the frequency of information.”
– Barbara Marciniak – Bringers of the Dawn

Peace and Love.