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PG&E reaches $13.5 billion wildfire settlement with victims: undefined

Federal Judge in Texas fines CPS $50K a day for “shameful” foster care: CPS has “lied to me at almost every level”: undefined

Executing babies at birth: New Mexico vs Jesus Christ.

Our world is being torn apart by Satan’s hands. Can you see Satan’s handy work or you blind to what is really happening?


Azzeziel and Br dawud screaming about white people being demons

i dont think all white people are reptilians btw


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Pedo hunter catches predator meeting underage girl in front of a cop, cop does nothing: undefined

Here is Tomi Lahren – what millions of her loyal followers need to see.

Sicko cop gets no jail after admitting to possession, distribution of horrific images of child abuse: undefined

Why the Australian government wants Foreign Interference Legislation: undefined

Bourdain Death questioned, Vatican at Bilderberg, Hollywood and rituals.

The bewildering ignorance of anti-gunners: undefined