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Little Duck Feeding The Fish.

this is amazing

Whoever thinks life evolved in the face of struggle, fear, desperation, and survivalism is not wise to the inherent thoughtless generosity, Kindness, empathy and LOVE that connects all living things in the universe. Consciousness created life not the other way around. Once you think about it – it becomes quite obvious really.

Consciously try to seek love in all around you. Try, Try, Try again. Each time it becomes easier.

Look at those around you – from the rich banker to the toothless beggar, see in them the creator.

Look in the mirror, see in yourself the creator.

Gaze across all creation, see the creator.

We are all learning and working through our karmic lessons.

Just love one another.

Because we are one.


The Law of One

Excerpt from THE LAW OF ONE (1981)

mind/body/spirit complex = person

Practice makes perfect.

See the creator in everyone around you.

We are one.

Beginning on 7-2-2016 a series of posts to the anonymous message board 4chan were made by a poster claiming to be a high-level FBI analyst and to have insider information on the FBI’s case against Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) and the Clinton Foundation (CF). This person became known as FBI Anon. It is impossible to verify the identity of FBI Anon or the authenticity of their claims. This video are verbatim excerpts from the first FBI Anon AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread from 7-2-2016, a full record of this AMA is available on following is an excerpt:12.26 Questioner: Thank…