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The Illuminati Does Not Exist – Mandela Effect

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Some of the modes of thinking addressed and analysed in this Article:

‘All you need is love’‘If you look at negative or dark things happening in the world that is the reality you will attract and create’‘That you attract absolutely everything into your life’ ‘Law of Attraction’—‘You create your own reality absolutely’‘That Truth is subjective and there is no objective truth’‘Whatever you say is just a reflection of you’-‘Don’t Judge’‘That there is no ‘right or wrong’-‘good or bad’‘Transcend your ego, all sense of self,’‘You are God – or can become God’‘I will raise my vibration and shift to a different timeline’‘An ET race will come down and save us’‘We can wait for the ascension ‘Event’ or the ‘solar flash’ of energy.’


Now, I would say, with humility, that I am somewhat of an expert on all this ‘New Age’ and ‘spirituality’ information, with regards to the philosophies and ways of thinking they promote – as I have waded through it all and researched it a great deal – as I was, and still am, very interested in consciousness, meditation and metaphysics – trying to understand how things work. I have had to move through and beyond many gatekeepers and Zionist agents. I speak from experience on this subject as I have read all the books, watched all the channelers and have heard what they have to say. I have been researching incessantly for a long time – I am not knew to all this – I am not a kid who has a few theories – I am an educated man who has researched all areas of the alternative media – and almost all modes of spiritual thinking –  I have been at this for a long time. And I understand how these Freemasons and Jewish Zionists work: they try to control everything – they infiltrate and control or manipulate spiritual movements and they plan ahead. So, I am going to share with you what I have learnt and my perspectives.

If you are heavily into the New Age movement then you wont like some of the things I have to say – but I just suggest to you that if you don’t like it – just put it away in a box at the back of your mind and continue to research and just bring it out know and again – never dismiss anything outright initially – always hold it somewhere and bring it out so you can correlate info with it. This how you learn the truth and how you become a good truth seeker.

I have no reason to try and deceive you, my intentions are always pure and for the benefit of the world – I am trying to get people to take action against the system – and educate themselves about who runs it all and how it really works. I am trying to get people to be active and not passive – to get them to be critical thinkers. I am trying to help humanity.

I found that the New Age movement is essentially run by the Zionists – by their Controlled Opposition agents and it actually promotes a lot of Luciferian modes of thinking – and modes of thinking that pacify people so that this Zionist Satanic New World Order can be brought about. (One of the ways I know all this is that I contacted many of these prominent ‘New Age personalities’, asked them questions and even Skyped with a few – I worked them out. Their obvious lies combined with my research in to all areas of the alternative media and global conspiracy highlighted the disinfo they were putting out.

Again, their main aim is to pacify people – so that people don’t actuality try to bring down the satanic Zionist system that controls  us – and this slave systems power-base is the debt based slavery financial system, which is run by the Jewish Zionists – whoever controls the money controls the world. They don’t want people to truly become educated about what is occurring on this planet. They don’t want people to know that they need to take action and come up with practical solutions and make practical changes. They want to grab hold of people (their attention) who are just awakening and hold onto them – and then feed them with metaphysical disinfo and totally pacify them. They do this not only buy false metaphysical and spiritual teachings but also through lots of saviour programming –  thinking that these Zionist Controlled ‘Researchers’ or ‘Insiders’ or these ‘ET groups’ or various other made up groups are going to ‘sort it all out’ – when they are not.

I’m not saying there isn’t some bits of truth about consciousness and metaphysics in the ‘new age’ material – but it really is run by the Zionists and is filled with pacifying disinfo – and it is especially filled with lots of disinfo about the geopolitical aspects of the global conspiracy and what is really going on on this planet. I discovered, through my research and investigation, that there are networks of controlled opposition agents that are supporting each other and backing each other up. A few quotes about controlled opposition:

“A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.”

Notably Vladimir Lenin said:
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

People think the New Age movement and literature is an antidote to what is wrong with the world — to the Satanic Zionists and their New World Order – but they have been duped. (actually a lot of people in the New Age movement wont even know anything about this agenda as they falsely believe that you shouldn’t look at any negative things. (face palm)

Let’s look at some of the modes of thinking that they put forward to pacify, confuse and disempower people – and to help bring in the Zionist New World Order.

A list of the modes of thinking I will address:

— ‘All you need is love’ – or ‘Love is always the answer’
— ‘If you look at negative or dark things happening in the world that is the reality you will attract and create’
— ‘That you attract absolutely everything into your life’ ‘Law of Attraction’
— ‘You create your own reality absolutely’
— ‘That Truth is subjective and there is no objective truth’
— ‘Whatever you say is just a reflection of you’ – or ‘Don’t Judge’
— ‘That there is no ‘right or wrong’ – ‘good or bad’
— ‘Transcend your ego, all sense of self, and all thoughts feeling and emotions’(a Non Duality one )
— ‘That it is OK if someone is suffering, as they chose this life time to experience this’
— ‘You are God – or can become God’
— ‘I will not be affected by the zionist new world order agenda and coming turmoil as I will raise my vibration and nothing bad will come near me’
— ‘I will raise my vibration and shift to a different timeline’
— ‘An ET race will come down and save us’
— ‘We can wait for the ascension ‘event’ or the ‘solar flash’ of energy’
— ‘Donald Trump is going to disclose and disseminate all the hidden advanced technology and save us!’
— ‘The ‘Mandela effect’ psyop’
— ‘That it is all the ‘Illuminati’ Bloodlines and the Reptilians (or whatever ET race is the flavor of the month) that are causing all the worlds problems.’
— ‘Freemasonry is a benevolent organisation’

‘All you need is love’ – or ‘Love is always the answer’: love is very important and is inspiring – but it is most certainly not the only thing you need on this planet! You also need many things: you need to protect yourself – you need knowledge – you need to understand what is happening on this planet. You need to understand the Freemason Zionist Elites who are poisoning our food our water and spraying us with chemtrails. You need to understand how to look after your body to combat all these chemicals and heavy metals and get them out of your body…etc etc – We are not going to get out of this Satanic world system and stop the Zionist New World Order by sitting around and thinking loving thoughts – it’s not going to happen! Again, love helps and is a motivating force – but it is definitely not all we need! Knowledge and Action is needed.

‘If you look at negative or dark things happening in the world that is the reality you will attract and create’ – this is nonsense – we can only transform and combat the dark agendas, the dark acts, by bring them up into everyone’s consciousness – everyone needs to be conscious of them. How can you transform what you are not conscious of? Should we ignore the children being murdered by the ‘Elite’ Satanic Zionists? Should we ignore all the people being killed in Palestine by the Israelis? Many of the ‘new age types’ think they are evolved souls, when they are not.

‘That you attract absolutely everything into your life’ – Question: Do babies and very small children attract the terrible abuse that they suffer from some of these Satanic Zionists and the Pedophile elites? Yes, people tend to gravitate towards others similar to themselves, and they tend to create certain situations in their life if they have unresolved emotional issues – does this mean you attract everything into your life? No it doesn’t. Obviously we have many different souls on this planet all with different agendas – some of the unpleasant souls even seek out the pure and innocent souls on purpose, to try and corrupt them or traumatise them.

(And as well as this, all these demonic interdimensional entities attack the more evolved souls far more than the average unawakened person on the street – I know from experience. The more I evolved and the more knowledge I assimilated the more Astral attacks I had (I have vivid Astral ‘4th dimensional’ experiences in the night – these attacks affect you a great deal – I’ve seen some really weird things). Even spiritual people from history will tell you that when you become more evolved spiritually or are more conscious you will face certain demonic attacks. And also ‘targeted individuals’, such as myself, we get helicopters circling our houses etc. This targeting can often be related to the knowledge you are sharing, your higher levels of consciousness, previous lifetimes of yours that they are aware of, latent abilities they don’t want to manifest etc etc. So this train of thought is more new age deception. It is not true that if you reach certain evolution you won’t be attacked or targeted – if you are a threat to the new world order agenda you will be probably be attacked in some way, or your life will be made difficult in unseen ways. If you are a naive new age person who is not a threat to the Satanic Zionists then you definitely won’t.)

Related to this, is the idea that ‘You create your own reality absolutely’ – this is promoted by many channelers (this is called Solipsism – and this is simple not true and is a psyop) we are very clearly in a collective consciousness of sorts, full of souls with a wide range of agendas – and we are not creating our reality completely – we, as a soul, are not generating our entire reality here on Earth! We are obviously co-creating our reality with many other souls. 5 or 6 billions souls are said to be on Earth! People who push Solipsism also say that there are infinite versions of reality for each being – this would make soul evolution pointless – the whole universe would be pretty much pointless if this was the case – and it is just totally illogical to be honest.

This is of course related to ‘Law of Attraction’, which is a massive psyop – one of the Zionists favourite ones I think. Yes, you can have a positive effect on your life by changing the way you think and your attitudes, this is obvious, but the universe does not work the way the law of attraction people are suggesting. ‘Law of attraction’ again, is not taking into account that we are co-creating this reality, and there are so many souls with so many different agendas and we are affecting each other. Law of Attraction also does not address the fact that most humans have little in the way of access to their subconscious mind and they do not realize how much the subconscious affects us – it gives people no tools to access their subconscious. And the Satanic Freemasons / Elite Zionists know how to effect us with rituals at certain time of the year, alignments of planets and stars etc – often performed on certain energetic leylines etc. And regardless of this – all the ‘Law of Attraction’ is promoting is to just attract things into your life, often materialistic things – focusing on yourself not for the greater good of humanity – it promotes a selfish mode of thinking which is more in line with satanism and luciferianism – which is all about the promotion of self and hedonism, materialism, self gratification and wealth etc. As well as this it is all a massive distraction.

‘That Truth is subjective’ – many New Agers promote the idea that truth is just our interpretation of events – that their is not objective truth to be found – again this is nonsense – there is objective truth and you can find it! – with critical thinking an open mind and diligence you will find it. This is one of the Zionist new age paid trolls and shills favourite lines – ‘ah but truth is subjective – it’s just your interpretation and reaction based on your state of being’. This is such an obvious Freemasonic Zionist tactic to confuse those who are just awakening and trying to seek some truth.

‘Whatever you say about others is just a reflection of you’ – Classic new age psyop. This is related to the new age mode of thinking that we must not judge others – ‘don’t judge’. Now when we say something about another person, yes, sometimes, depending on how conscious you are, you are telling them about yourself, to varying degrees – if you are needlessly saying hateful things about another then you may be telling someone that you are a jealous person who is insecure etc — and also people who are not very conscious often project their issues onto others. But there is also objective truth – people are capable of being objective! This reflection mode of thinking is another Zionist psyop similar to ‘political correctness’ – it is trying stop people from criticizing those in power and standing up against tyranny. For example — If I say that the Jewish Elite Zionists running the world are power hungry psychopaths practicing satanism and pedophilia – it does not mean I am hateful or a psychopath or a nasty person – I am most certainly not – it is not a reflection – it is a judgment based on many factual documents and world events – in fact, if anything, it shows that I am an educated man with a heart who wishes to help people overcome tyranny.

Here is something from the Zionist controlled  ‘non-duality movement’ – they promote ‘Transcend and destroy the Ego’ – that ‘All you are is awareness, that you are just the ‘witness’ of your thoughts and feelings’ – and that ‘you should just try to transcend all thoughts and feeling and emotions and be some sort of passive non entity’ — nope — the witness awareness is just one aspect of you – it is just one aspect of your being. You are a soul with a vast history, you have lived many many lifetimes, you’ve just had your soul memory wiped, as that is what happens on this soul prison – you are an ancient totally unique conglomeration energy, a unique multidimensional being – but right now you are cut off from your abilities to experience the other dimensions – and you are enslaved on a prison planet and being forced to reincarnate over and over again into this satanic system — having your memory wiped each time so you don’t learn from your lifetimes and don’t work out what’s going on here. You do not need to try and get rid of your ‘ego’ or ‘sense of self’ and or experience some other different ‘transcendent’ aspect of your being – you just need become more conscious, more evolved, more knowledgeable and take some action against the system. You will not escape this slave system by sitting in meditation all day and by experiencing some alternate states of consciousness. If we don’t break this system then when you die you will go into the false light realms and be forced to incarnate again. This whole ‘trying to get rid of this sense of self’ ‘’ is a very big psyop promoted by the Zionist controlled Non-Duality crowd. The Zionists love to promote this to people interested in spiritually who are just waking up – the aim again is to pacify people – as well as distract and confuse them . All spiritual movements and religions have been infiltrated by Zionist Agents – never underestimate them – you need to do your research and read The Protocols of the Learned Elders Zion, just for starters.

That ‘there is no right or wrong’ – ‘good or bad’ etc – that it all just depends on your interpretation of events and acts and your reaction to them – again this is nonsense! There is obviously good and evil. There is the destruction of life and the upliftment and empowerment of life – there is respect and care for others – and the there is selfish disregard for others and the oppression of life. This is getting into dangerous territory – and it is one of the ways in which some of the New Age movement is trying to slowly indoctrinate people into the ways of Luciferianism – as this is one of the things taught by them – it is the religion of the Zionists. The Satanic Zionists also promote that destruction is good and that it is an act of creation – they love to promote this – it is promoted by them in various hollywood movies – that destruction is an act of creation – trying to justify their evil acts. Hollywood is owned by these Luciferian Jewish Zionists – and they promote satanic and Luciferian modes of thinking in all the the hollywood movies – and through their TV series on amazon, netflix, sky atlantic etc etc.

That ‘it is OK if someone is suffering, as they chose this life time to experience this’ – people are going to sit around and not help people because of this mode of thinking?! Really? – It is a ridiculous mindset that I have seen taught and pushed by some teachers ‘gurus’ and channelers. This is presumptuous and a nonsense – again this would make soul evolution and the universe pointless if this was the case. This is related to a similar pacifying mode of thinking that ‘everything is meant to be’ – ‘just sit back, everything is meant to be’ – this is insane mind control.

‘You are God – or can become God’ – now this is also a Luciferian teaching that the Zionists have promoted through their false ‘gurus’ and the new age movement – again, it is a Luciferian mindset – look it up.

‘I will not be affected by the New World Order Agenda and coming turmoil from their dark agendas, as I will raise my vibration and I will not be affected by them’ – we have touched on similar modes of thinking earlier – the universe and this planet doesn’t work like that and it is a new age psyop – so I will just say ‘oh yes you will’. And all those you love will be affected by the Satanic New World Agenda. If people don’t stand up and make practical changes and take action. Here is another phase that gets used in the new age movement: ‘I will raise may vibration and shift to a different timeline’ – ‘a timeline where this new world order agenda is not occurring’ – no you won’t, you will not just shift to another timeline – this is not happening, it is a psyop. I know from personal experience that this is not happening: Over the years I have evolved, meditated a great deal, became more conscious, more knowledgeable, more kind, loving, caring, and I changed to a very healthy diet etc etc – and increased my ‘vibration’ and the world has not got any better, but much worse and these Satanic Zionists are increasing their controls and manipulation day by day – so I will tell you that I know that these modes of thinking are psyops. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion have been in full swing for a very long time, but are even more evident now.

‘An ET race will come down and save us’ – no they won’t – we have to sort out all these problems ourselves. All this ET saviour information is clearly Zionist controlled opposition operations – Ufology is almost entirely Zionist controlled – pacifying you and distracting you. If an ET race was going to come and save us they would have done it a long time ago. Yes, interdimensional beings and ET Races are real, I have had various abduction experiences, as have other members of my family – but you will not find the real truth about it. If you research ufology you will see some genuine testimonies and then loads of controlled opposition agents attempting to control the narrative and putting out lots of disinfo. Ufology is essentially being used by the Zionists as a huge distraction from what is really going on this planet regarding the Jewish Zionist New World Order agendas and tactics. The real truth regarding ETs and inter-dimensionals is closely protected. But Extraterretrials and advanced craft and advanced civilizations exist – I am hundred percent sure of this.

We can wait for the ‘Ascension’ or the ‘Solar Flash of Energy’ which will ‘spontaneously ascend all of us to the new earth and the next dimension’ – again, sorry to say this, but this is a psyop as well – mainly propagated by the Zionist controlled opposition agents Cobra and David Wilcock. In The New Age movement you will hear: ‘The Event’ is coming soon -or ‘the Endgame is near’ – all of it designed to pacify you. It is a clear Zionist psyop – all the people who promote this idea also put so much disinfo about geopolitics, ufos, historical events and current affairs event etc etc… The amount of disinfo Cobra puts out… so much rubbish… and Wilcock… disgraceful.

Oh, this is a good one ‘Donald Trump is going to disclose and disseminate all the hidden advanced technology the elites have, for the benefit of humanity’. Trump is the most obvious Zionist Puppet! Trump is not on your side, he is just playing a role for the Zionists and their New World Order Agenda – look at who has surrounded himself with politically – almost entirely Jewish Zionists – look at his family’s history and all their Jewish Zionist connections. Look at what he has said about Israel: declaring his love and support for that disgraceful regime that is murdering all the Palestinians and creating tremendous unrest in the middle east etc etc… and there is more – I will leave it there.

‘The Mandela Effect’ – is another Freemasonic Zionists psyop to me – a psychological operation, never underestimate how manipulative they are – it’s a distraction and a great way to confuse people. When people discover some of the harsh truths on this planet related to what the Zionists have been doing to us – when people come across terrible unexpected truths that are contrary to all they believed — then they can go ‘Oh this is just the Mandela effect’. I know, all this Mandela Effect stuff can be compelling to some but it is just a distraction – and it just screams ‘Freemasonic Zionist psyop’– just like the ‘jumping timelines’ psyop. And I know very obvious controlled opposition Zionist agents that promote the ‘Mandela Effect’ – if they are promoting it then it is almost certainly some sort of Zionist psyop. And let’s not forget that Nelson Mandela was a Freemason – and of course they would choose someone like this as the name for their psyop – the Freemasons love to rub it in our faces – their ability to deceive and manipulate humanity. There are people in organisations like Tavistock etc, who think up all these psyops – that is the purpose of certain organisations, to think of new ways to manipulate humanity and control their minds. Whether the ‘Mandela Effect’ is all collective mis-remembering and or AI changing things on the internet, combined with CIA and Zionist paid trolls and shills propagating this shifting timeline psyop — it all just again screams, ‘Freemasonic, Zionist, CIA psyop’. I will pay this distraction no more attention.

‘That it is all the ‘Illuminati’ Bloodlines (or The Cabal) and the Reptilians, the Archons (or whatever ET races is the flavor of the month) that are causing all the worlds problems.’ – It is the Jewish Zionists that are causing all the world problems – this ‘Illuminati’ term, and  ‘the Cabal’ term is a distraction and a deflection, as is the ‘Archons’ term. Who owns the banks and is in charge of the debt based slavery system? – Jewish Zionists. Who owns all of the media outlets and Hollywood and therefore controls the minds of the public? – Zionist Jews. Who owns nearly all the major corporations? – Zionist Jews… need I go on…

It is the Satanic Jewish Zionists who are using Freemasonry as a tool for world domination.  They want to completely take over Palestine – and then rebuild their Satanic Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. And this is where they want to rule the world from. Judaism has been turned into some type of mind control cult based on Babylonian Talmudism (if you don’t know what the Talmud says about non-Jews then I think you should research it). Research it all yourself – I am right. The other terms used all the time in the alternative media are psyops, and diversions. It is the elite Satanic Jewish Freemasonic Zionists who run things and who are the major problem here on this planet – some like to just say the Jews – but I cant bring myself to say that as it isn’t absolutely all of them. But learn your history – Jews have caused problems over and over again, all throughout history, and have been chucked out of countries more than a hundred times. I am sure there is some sort of malicious ET race above these Zionist Jews – but we need to concentrate on what we can see and understand and affect, and be practical – and we need to combat the Zionist Jews and the Elite Freemasons and their agendas. We need to understand all the Zionists’ agendas and tactics – and we need to come up with solutions and take action. And understanding Usury, Central Banks and Debt Slavery – and then coming up with solutions related to this – is a good place to start. Usury and Debt Slavery is the Zionists powerbase – it is the root cause of humanity’s misery and enslavement.

‘Freemasonry is a benevolent organisation’No it isn’t! You see the elite Freemasons – those above the 33rd degree – know a great deal about how this reality works and use this knowledge to manipulate humanity. The knowledge is closely guarded, but from what I can tell they use the alignment of stars, they regularly refer to the saying ‘as above so below’. If you look into their occult practices they use the stars and worship the planets – and do their satanic rituals and sacrifices at specific times of the year, when certain planets and stars are aligned – and on top of certain energetic leylines. They also use gematria – the use of numbers – they are obsessed with this – and code certain sequences of numbers into their fake terrorist events and fake news events. They also use geometry, symbols, subliminals and colours to effect us as well. Freemasonry pretends that it is a benevolent organisation and the lower levels are oblivious to its true purpose. But Freemasonry is a Jewish Zionist establishment, that promotes the worship of Lucifer and the working towards a New World Order and the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem – with the goal of the Zionist Jews and Freemasons dominating and ruling the world from there.

I hope some of this information helped some people wake up to new levels – and please don’t let these disinfo agents pacify you. People need to become knowledgeable, they need to come up with solutions and they need to take action.